American Wages Drop Nearly 2% (www.thegatewaypundit.com) SAVE AMERICA
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And if you have paper money sitting around turn it into assets that'll rise with the inflation if you can.

Precious metals, guns and ammo, land, stocks. I own some of all of those.

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Capitalism is the best economic system but you'd be crazy to trust any boss or owner.

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Or to trust a government that can finance it's own deficits by creating money out of thin air.

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Wages are up. Earning power is WAY down because of inflation.

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This is what will really awake the masses to the Fascists destroying our country. There's no stopping this train and people are going to be livid when their savings is worth more as kindling.

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That's the globalist plan. Divide us by race. Divide us by rich vs. poor. Divide and conquer, encourage hate of our Country and hate of our Countrymen.

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Restaurants in two larger cities in the county adjacent to where I live are having a hard time filling positions and the major result is that service sucks. There's another smaller town in another county adjacent to where I live that is having a similar problem, but not quite as bad. The major similarity between them is the demographics. The types of people who live in these areas and do service type work would rather stay home and get paid for not working.

In the county where I now live, the restaurants in the largest town all seem to be fully staffed, or near fully staffed and we get good service in those restaurants. Again, the big difference is the demographics of those who live in this county, and in this town. These people would rather work than stay home and get money for not working, even if they'd get more money for not working. Lately, I've been way more generous with my tipping when I'm waited on by someone who wants to work.

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The place I worked at for 12 years shut down permanently. Now I make 15% less what I was making.