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Muh reparations

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Well, education is racist, as "critical race theory" says, so that probably explains it.

Rainman 4 points ago +4 / -0

As an aside, has anyone noticed that people in the Obiden administration all look dumb as a box of rocks?

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Transfer to Florida International University. They are located deep within free territory and are back to complete normalcy. No masks. No Passports.

Mattdaking [S] 7 points ago +7 / -0

If it’s a 4 year university I might after this year. Our school is starting the year with no masks or restrictions (were a small community college) but the fact they’re hanging restrictions, online, and masks over our heads pisses me off.

wake_up33 2 points ago +2 / -0

Plenty of universities/colleges to choose from here in Florida. DeSantis is fighting against any lockdowns or mandatory masking, vaccines, etc. Might be worth a change? It has been a blessing to have him as our Governor with all of this Covid craziness this past year.

Mattdaking [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

honestly I might go to school there. The university I wanted to go to donated a fuck ton of money to planned parenthood a few years ago. Plus our winters are ass. Maybe florida is the move. I thought about Mississippi state, but hell if I'm going down south might as well go where the babes and beaches are

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Here is a link to a news report stating that while our universities recommend vaccines, there will be no mandates. DeSantis made all of them back off. https://www.wfla.com/8-on-your-side/college-covid-vaccines-increasingly-likely-florida-students-will-be-allowed-to-skip-vaccination/

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what a good guy. I thought about going to college in Mass. because I love the boston area, but so many of their colleges are mandating the vaccine. Florida ftw its one of the few places in florida

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GO TO TRADE SCHOOL Fuck College become a welder Plumbers make 100 an hour! Electrictions make BANK

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or, you know, go for the career you want, as long as its a real career

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laughs in transgender ballet studies

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Rahm, aka tiny dancer has entered the chat...

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If only we saw this coming.... weird.

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America signals it's ready to go back to Washington if recommended by the declaration of independence.

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Fuck these people

Filo76 4 points ago +4 / -0

Every Major University: We are going to enforce a class from home policy. Also Every Major University: Your tuition is going up another 50% this year!

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OP, wtf are you doing in college still?

Half the country is begging for applicants. There hasn't been a hotter job market in decades. Why would you spend 3 years paying your own money to get a shitty education, when you can spend 3 years getting paid to get experience? Jump into a job - college will always be there for you if you want to go back. way better way is to get employed than complete your degree through remote learning.

Mattdaking [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

what jobs are there that even high paying with only a high school degree? It is a long story why I am even in college, but I don't wanna bore you with details. After finishing one year I might as well get my two year degree and we'll see after that. A lot of times I do feel like i am in college to be in college and so many other people feel the same right now. Nobody is learning jack shit online once we all graduate and go into the field there is going to be a nationwide problem.

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what jobs are there that even high paying with only a high school degree?

i don't think anyone will be able to give you specific advice here without knowing your chosen career path and area, but you would be surprised. Right now a lot of companies across the country are so shorthanded that they will take anyone will to even try to pull their weight. ffs - we are at point where retail stores are offering sign on bonuses for people to stock shelves (https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/07/business/retail-jobs-hiring-bonus/index.html)

Whole economy is feeling the squeeze of labor shortage.

I remember when I left highschool, I thought a higher degree was mandatory, but I ended up looking for work because I didn't want to take on student debt. Am a software developer, was able to find a very low paying job with a small 8-man business handling their IT needs. But it got me started and I got my Bachelo's degree online.

Point of that short story: looking back, I lucked into to making the right move due to being afraid of taking on debt, but in truth that path is quite solid. Small businesses are always there to give hungry young people their first opportunity. Big corps don't want to touch anyone without a degree stamp, but many small business owners will happily test out a high school student if they can pay him 10 k less and it turns out he can get the job done.

Unless you are aiming at higher echelons of STEM, don't fall for the establishment's blatant lie that there is no path forward without a college degree. In many sectors of economy, real career growth is still based on effort, diligence and above all, bravery. Meanwhile, the larger corps that demand degrees are career dead end traps for most people.

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Nice to see a young whippersnapper among us.

Stay based, fren.

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thanks pede God bless

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they need this diversion to pound through HR1....

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Wear a BLM shirt and a brandish a hammer and sickle and you'll be given immunity from the law to throw peaceful molotov cocktails.

Jk the fbi spends all their time persecuting people who believe there are 2 genders so they're watching you closely

Mattdaking [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

they can do what they want my body is only for this world. they can't do anything to my soul i tell them to come and bring it commies

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IMO college is a waste of time and money go to a trade school and learn how to do a real job you can be proud of at the end of the day.

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They love this power trip they are on. Soon they will have slaves again. They will love it.

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Just think, there are people out there who still wears masks while outside since last March!

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Put a giant hook in her head and go shark fishing.

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ravioli_king 2 points ago +2 / -0

Willing to... this is a test. If their polling goes up they will... if it goes down they won't. I don't think it will go up.

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get a group of friends of all races. put the minorities in front and peacefully protest hard. if anyone says shiet call them racist white supremacists.

Awakened 2 points ago +2 / -0

Crossing fingers they will do it. There’s a handful of people left that they haven’t pissed off.

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Get your kids out of public schools. Screw the teacher's union

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Start searching and asking colleges now: who will stay open and not mandate masks. If you’re in a state one call your reps. Don’t sign anything saying you’ll put up with no classes. Sign everything in paper, not electronic. Line out anything about “no classes because covid or must mask up” and initial and date next to it. Make a copy showing your line outs initials and signature. Demand your money back IN FULL if they break contract.

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That's funny, because I'm not willing.

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Try a trade school

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Maybe I misread, but this seems to be glowing. 🕵🏿

becky21k1 -2 points ago +3 / -5

The answer is to just delay college and work somewhere. This will not kill you. it did not kill me. Chances are college will just brainwash you anyways.

As for the senior year of high school what really did you miss? A few dances and a class trip? Nobody gives a shit about that after it's over with. My class doesn't even have reunions as close as I can tell.

Mattdaking [S] 4 points ago +5 / -1

And my senior year of baseball, and prom. It sucks working years and years at something just to get it taken away because Fauci says in his raspy voice to lockdown

becky21k1 -2 points ago +2 / -4

I see you missed comprehension, too, because I mentioned a few stupid dances.

Prom is junior year anyways, are you just making this shit up?

Once you're out of high school nobody gives a shit about any of those things, nobody cares if you scored four touchdowns in one game (unless you're Al Bundy). You didn't miss anything important. It sucks if you can't use the sport to earn a scholarship, but that's the only place I have sympathy.

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Ummmmmm ... some people enjoyed those memories.

Mattdaking [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

clearly becky has not lol. what a faeg

pikX 3 points ago +3 / -0

prom is senior year, i dont know what youre talking about, unless your school did it differently

Mattdaking [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

holy fuck tell us you hated high school without telling us you hated high school lmao. Prom is for juniors and seniors idk what school you went to lol. Don't hate on people who were actually liked growing up cause it seems you weren't based on your attitude. Go back to your 9-5 being stuck in the rat race