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D-Dub 19 points ago +25 / -6

There was a literal coup in this country.

They go overseas in the middle east to fight goat rapers.

No one in the middle east is a threat to America or our rights.

If no soldier went overseas to the middle east we wouldn't lose our country or our freedoms.

They will literally go overseas to fight for democrats, neocons, and their donors.

They did not fight against the coup, the national guard defended; no soldier/veteran has done anything to metaphorically fight against the coup.

I was just following orders was not acceptable for the nazis and it is not acceptable for our troops, who are supposed to be honorable.

No matter what way you swing it veterans and soldiers have betrayed their oath and this country.

They better pray every single human society throughout history has been wrong. They all came to the same conclusion. We will be judged in the end. Judgment will be harsh for those who betray their country, their oaths, and their morals.

KonyHawk_ProSlaver -6 points ago +8 / -14

And what did you do? Post on a niche Internet image board? Don't hate the soldiers. Don't hate the cops. Hate their bosses.

D-Dub 5 points ago +7 / -2

Well not much, but considering I'm not old enough to hold office in most places, I'm not perturbed by your assertion. I can assure you I have figured out how I'm personally gonna plant trees, metaphorically speaking.

WildRiot 1 point ago +1 / -0

Trees Need Water