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Pumpitrealgood 3 points ago +3 / -0

V accine Aquired I mmune D eficiency S yndrome

Fauchi worked on AIDS research for how many years? Decades even?

Aids was released in Africa to depopulate the continent in many peoples opinion, and in the gay population to get rid of them.

The destruction of humans thorough the destruction of the immune system seems to be a consistent method.

Remember the whole covid causes spike protein and asians have more A2 receptors and they told us this was bad for them? Now spike proteins are not only good but required?

The CDC wants the vaccinated to wear masks? superspreaders or because they have no immune system any longer? The black mold that is spreading on the vaxxed individuals is like the 1st sign that you have progressed from HIV to full-blown AIDS. REmember how they mentioned that the aids drugs were treating the covid? Interferon. But many people caught covid and got over it like any regular cold. Because we have immune systems that work.

They want us gone, but rather than wait for us to die, they want to inject us, with what will essentially be Instant full-blown AIDS. Only wait 3-6 months rather than 10-15 years. The shot worked too well. Nobody is dying from a delta variant yet because they are getting garden variety diseases like fungus and skin dseases that your body will not treat. It is too soon. People were supposed to start in the fall when they would succumb to the flu and the common cold when the PTB can pretend that it is COVID double plus bad variant. IMHO

doug2 1 point ago +1 / -0

"But few fall ill"

This is blatant spin. Since when did vaccines do this? Protect the effects but not the infection? I thought that was called a leaky vaccine and was really bad?

In fact, it's probably true. Few fall I'll from covid period. Comapare it to baseline unvaccinated... but wait, they don't teat vaccinated people for the coof so you can't.

I hate seeing things so clearly.