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Come at me government bros.

Can’t touch this.. du du du du

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cyberwar 225 points ago +227 / -2

I'm waiting for all the libtards to croak

fuckthealphabetsoup 36 points ago +38 / -2

Their "Police" and "Military" are all going to be forced onto the jab - So, a bunch of fat, retarded, trannies & Faggots - on the jab with symptoms like "Brain Fog" - "Lethargy" - "Muscle Fatigue"

Yeah, honestly; Not feeling so scared of their plans for a "Police State"

bidensmissingbrain 28 points ago +28 / -0

See all those illegals, most of which are all fighting-age males, over there pouring across the border completely unvaccinated? Yea, it's those who they'll have you fighting.

freebirdie 5 points ago +5 / -0

You don't really think Pancho is gonna put on a uniform and pick up a rifle, do you? I understand that the globohomo fuckers running this thing think that's what will happen. That they will convince them to become conscripts in exchange for this or that, but they won't. If they were willing to pick up anything more powerful than a leaf blower, they wouldn't be allowing themselves to be shuttled like human cattle.

The dems remember the old days during the Civil War when they had boat loads of starving Irish to enlist, and they think these Central Americans will make an adequate substitute. They won't. They will turn into gypsy caravans and marauding hordes, not soldiers, imo.