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The left and the unelected health agencies are not just responsible for the covid deaths this last year and a half, they are directly responsible for the thousands of flu deaths every year for many years past.

We have all just been conditioned to believe that thousands of flu deaths every year is normal and that we have nothing cheap and consistent that could fight each variant.

How many have we been conditioned to let die simply because our medical overlords wanted to sell a yearly vaccine?

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Doctors write 'off label' prescriptions all the time. This is what HCQ would have been had the tyrants not taken control.

Most docs just do what they are told. Some are complicit. Others are just ignorant. Then you have the subset like America's Frontline Doctors who are AWESOME.

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10-20% of all prescriptions are off-label is what I read.

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Not necessarily. They are very busy people and rely heavily on pharma reps for their information. "We" do not know, if you consider all of those who are still asleep.