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The left and the unelected health agencies are not just responsible for the covid deaths this last year and a half, they are directly responsible for the thousands of flu deaths every year for many years past.

We have all just been conditioned to believe that thousands of flu deaths every year is normal and that we have nothing cheap and consistent that could fight each variant.

How many have we been conditioned to let die simply because our medical overlords wanted to sell a yearly vaccine?

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no, you're correct. Coronaviruses have nothing to do with the flu, so comment is wrong in that sense, but the implication in the OP is correct (is PCR tests can't differentiate between coronaviruses and influenza, and HCQ and Ivermectin can take care of those "diagnosed" with covid, then it stands to reason that both of these antivirals are effective against both coronaviruses (common colds and covid) as well as influenza viruses

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I have to wonder if Trump knew this early which is why he pushed for the "right to try" experimental and off-label drugs.