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I think, I hope this intuition is correct. I had an epiphany, The vaxxice Flip - Flop. What if this is a plan to cull the useless eaters? Those who have been vaxxed will also be easily coerced into a concentration camp. Those who are not capable of free thought and self governance, take vaxx... get told they are now super spreaders... admit yourself to the "vaccine therapy clinic" for cleansing.

It sounds wild but maybe just maybe they want the free thinkers to survive, while culling the sheep.

Not so far fetched.. they did this before with the Jews... The weak were killed off, while the best and brightest were sent off to America and Israeli.

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No, they want to keep the non free thinkers alive. If anyone is getting shipped to death camps, it's us.

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that is the projection... but they are masters of deceit.