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Liberty_Prime 0 points ago +1 / -1


Which bad socialist policy was pushed through this year because of the Holocaust?

muslimporn [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Mass immigration. We can't say no because of the Holocaust (the Jews). If it all turns to shit then, whose to blame?

We all know the left are the ones actually using "minorities" salivating over them like a paedophile over children.

When it comes to Democrats for example, the fallback argument is always the Holocaust (Jews).

Over time sooner or later we will have things going through the legal apparatus ultimately in the name of the Jews which is a fallacious argument and doomed to fail.

They pinned it on them from the start. They're already saying we have to give up everything, out votes, our nation, our race, our everything on behalf of Jews but it's not on the behalf of Jews it's on behalf of them, they're just saying that and we should shut their damned mouths.

Every policy Democrat policy you object to there's someone out there who will come and find you if they can then tell you it's mandatory because of the Holocaust.