PHASES OF BEING TRANS (media.patriots.win)
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Phase #4: Meet John McCain in hell.

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Learn to pain with Kurt Cobain.

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If you are a man who has ever wondered whether it's hard to be a woman, %41 of guys who try to become one literally kill themselves.

It takes a great woman to make it look easy.

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I was in the scene for years. Back in those days there were crossdressers and transsexuals.

The crossdressers were so much more sane. They'd go out, get dressed up, hang out for a few hours, change back to male clothing, go back home.

The transsexuals... twenty different flavors of crazy.

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Phase 3 is becoming a communist, the theory of "Bioleninism" explains how

Bioleninism explained

‘Bioleninism’ describes a familiar phenomenon in Clown World – social rejects coming together to force their will on society at large. A feature of Clown World is that people who normally keep themselves hidden away out of shame are out and proud. Even worse, they are organised and controlling the narrative. Bioleninism is the thread that binds them all.

The original Leninism was a kind of slave morality that attracted many of society’s misfits. Much like Christianity in the Roman Empire, which first became popular among slaves, Leninism first became popular among those at the bottom of society. In the case of Russia, it wasn’t slaves but drunkards, prostitutes, petty criminals and those shunned for cruelty.

Characteristic of all popular slave moralities is that they bring together the resentful. Christianity did this, the original Communism did this, and now the bottom-feeders of Clown World are coming together to do it again – this is Bioleninism.

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True story