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You know; BigFinance protected by CDC in same breath as they hit the landlords, who believe it or not are about 80% elders and couples trying hard and risking everything on a stake in the American Dream.

BigRealEstate, like BlackRock, are only about 10% of landlords, overall.

Or at least, that was then.

If this goes on, that ratio will reverse, or worse, and in months to a year or so, not decades or more.

Sorta like the polar opposite of sit rep in re vacc development safety testing protocols v complete legall immunities civil and criminal for BigPharma, while banning and burying info on HCQ and Ivermectin, aint it?...

Funny aint it how daily more and more data point more and more clearly to a rigged system?

Anyone who denies this was all not just orchestrated, but orchestrated in an unholy alliance of ccp and dnc/soros/ds, and aimed squarely and only at We, The People, (aka 'the little guy'), is just fruitloopy to the point of masking and vaccing despite, not because of, The Science.


That is all.

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Im glad I got rid of all my properties years ago. I do Dividends now. Reits. Its much easier.

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I have SLVO but do not have the Others