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I was wondering if anyone has had the antibody test. Im curious how my results compare to other folks. 9 months recovered and my antibodies are 272. Wifes are 264

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I have had antibodies for 17 months. Blood tested. Not getting vaccinated. Do not know levels but damn sure I’m better off without the vaccine

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I didn't really want to get tested for this because I don't trust anyone trying to poke me with anything anymore lol

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I don’t even know the scale used? Have that handy? Just curious.

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The Covid antibody test I had went like this....<1.00 is negative for antibodies over 1.00 is positive for antibodies. Back in March I thought maybe I had covid, but this test in June said no.

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Not sure why you're trusting Doctors, but that's you

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It’s my understanding that it’s not necessarily good to have high levels of antibodies in your body all the time anyways, leads to autoimmune/overactive immune system ...your B cells in bone marrow produce antibodies in response to detected threats, and then antibody level drops after threat is dealt with.

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Great question! I had the 2-shot vaccine -- I am a federal employee - and WILL NOT take any more - Disgusted that the vaccines being mandated! What's next - wristbands???

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