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QEBL486 -2 points ago +1 / -3

Yes but you’re supposed to do that part in the arm. The needle should only be exposed prior to going in the patient. Then you push the plunger to administer and keep pushing until it activates the safety and retracts the needle so it is never exposed after being in the patient and potentially sticking a third party.

They are using a graduated 1mL syringe (like an insulin syringe) so it could be the pfizer since the dose is 0.3 mL and that is the type of syringe that comes in the supply pack from the government.

I have only worked with the pfizer and not the other two so i am not aware of what supplies are coming with those. But in my 15 years experience in administering vaccines, we don’t use a graduated 1 mL syringe for vaccines like that. Most of the vaccines come in a prefiled syringe, you just add the needle. But for the ones you draw, typically use a 3 mL syringe for ergonomics. If giving a .5 mL dose in a graduated 1 mL syringe, the plunger is going to extend way beyond the reach of your thumb or index finger. With a 3 mL its closer to the hub and easier to do one handed to reduce needle sticks or patient injury.

This video seems odd, but i dont believe that it was intentionally not giving it, i believe it is a person who doesnt know how to properly give an injection. There are countless stupid people in healthcare that can pass a written test but would fail practical skill observation or lose skills over time because they don’t use them. The ones working these clinics are doing it for the extra money, not because they are experts at giving injections.