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You're not very bright fren. Calling us fucktard yokels like that you glow now like a mother fucker. Obviously you don't belong here.

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If the shoe fits then wear it you asshole. People like yourself are a ball and chain attached to the leg of this movement. The glowies are far, far more likely to be people who advance shit like this - but most likely they're simply dim.



From a 2016 article:


Medication waste drives cost inefficiencies in our health care system. The accumulation of unused medications may occur as a result of patient nonadherence, expiration dates that occur too soon to enable the use of a given initial quantity, over-purchase by the patient, and overprescribing, among other factors.1 However, 2 overlooked types of inefficiencies resulting in waste and avoidable costs are syringe dead space and abandoned initial prescription fills.

Syringe Dead Space

Recent study results attributed injectable medication waste to syringe dead space, or the volume of fluid left in a syringe after the plunger has been pushed down completely. The study compared high dead-space syringes (HDSS), which have a detachable needle, with low dead-space syringes (LDSS), which have permanently attached or integrated needles or a conical plunger to reduce dead space in the needle hub.

Saltybitch 2 points ago +4 / -2

Dude, what was pushed out afterwards was an entire dose. This is not normal, this is not part of any routine procedure and this is not an example of a wasted amount of extra "left in the syringe". You draw up what you need, there are 5 rights to drug administration: Right medication, right dose, right time, right patient and right route. You'd literally have to be retarded to draw up enough to give an entire dose "maybe", add enough to give 2 doses at once, and then by guessing, by eyeballing it pull out the needle and waste another entire dose onto the ground once you've injected what "looks right". Something very weird is going on here. It's a pretty crucial aspect of nursing, to get the med right...if this woman is giving dose after dose, I'm thinking she's competent. Telling you - this is some fuckery.