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CannonballJunior -1 points ago +2 / -3

That's not a full dose. This is no fuckery. There's nothing weird going on here. I've seen this twice with my own eyes over the years. You may have not seen it as a nurse, but it is absolutely a real thing that occasionally happens - and not just b/c I've seen it:

From a 2016 article:


Medication waste drives cost inefficiencies in our health care system. The accumulation of unused medications may occur as a result of patient nonadherence, expiration dates that occur too soon to enable the use of a given initial quantity, over-purchase by the patient, and overprescribing, among other factors.1 However, 2 overlooked types of inefficiencies resulting in waste and avoidable costs are syringe dead space and abandoned initial prescription fills.

Syringe Dead Space

Recent study results attributed injectable medication waste to syringe dead space, or the volume of fluid left in a syringe after the plunger has been pushed down completely. The study compared high dead-space syringes (HDSS), which have a detachable needle, with low dead-space syringes (LDSS), which have permanently attached or integrated needles or a conical plunger to reduce dead space in the needle hub.

Saltybitch 1 point ago +3 / -2

Dude, you can believe whatever you want. You're wrong but I really don't give a fuck what you ultimately "believe". You have multiple nurses trying to tell you what they see, what they know from years of experience...but because you apparently worked around some people at a LTC facility you know best. Sure thing pal! Do you go by what Fauci tells you too? I get the feeling you probably do, you just give off that impression.

CannonballJunior -1 points ago +1 / -2

I didn't work there, I was with family members who were in hospitals and LT Care for 10-11 years. And likewise, you believe what you want. You may be a nurse, but you seem to have a myopic, rigid mindset, or at least you give off that impression. Thinking this video is something sinister is just batshit crazy.

Saltybitch 0 points ago +1 / -1

Do tell. The very first thing I said to you was that Ive never seen it done or have done it myself and do you know what you said in return? Go back and look. It was as if you took it personally and spazzed out. Calling people names. Fuck you.