Sheep Already Putting Masks Back On 🤡🌎  HONK  HONK  🌎🤡
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I noticed a significant increase of masks this morning, when I stopped in a local walmart. They were in the minority, but that's how it started last time. My state doesn't even have any mandates. I can't believe people have still not figured this out yet. Fucking pathetic sheep.

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The Army exchange started requiring masks again. However, they're NOT requiring social distancing this time for unmasked people eating. It's a good thing the virus can't spread if you have food in your mouth.

Then we went to the commissary and no signs said anything about masks. I saw a lot of based, unmuzzled patriots, but most people were masked. My husband reminded me that the mandate is DOD-wide, but fuck that. They can't make me.

I don't know how he can possibly reconcile the alleged virulence of the coof with the fact that I STILL have not gotten it. When we started sending our daughter to day care, I caught everything she brought home, including pinkeye. I had hand-foot-and-mouth disease TWICE as an ADULT, ffs. The first time is supposed to make you immune. I haven't been sick in almost two years. There is NO pandemic!