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He’s puking and doing the fish flop on the ground.

Call 911. FD and PD show up. Dude is twitching and foaming at the mouth. FD won’t touch him. I ask if they are gonna actually help the guy. Guy is twitching and cops and FD are like standing the hell back. EMT shows up, get one look at the guy, about face and go grab full face Hhazmat respirators before starting to do anything.

FD guy asks me a bunch of questions about the guy. I don’t know diddly.

Horrifying part of this is he was bragging about getting his second round of clot shot three days ago.

Fucking hope he makes it.

Update: I called the hospital a little bit ago. They won’t tell me anything because I’m not family. Apparently didn’t have any emergency contacts. I asked if they were able to get ahold of his family or someone. He lives alone as far as I know. They said he didn’t have any contact info and then asked me if I knew anyone.

I call the PD. LEOs are coming over. Once they get here I’m going to go in his house to see if I can find any next of kin info. Didn’t have a cellphone or anything on him when they took him to hospital.

I’ll post again if I learn anything more.

We’re both vets and the same age. I was Army, him Air Force.

Update 2: Guys house is unlocked. Walk right in. Got his full name off his mail. Found his wallet in his bedroom with driver license. Didn’t find anything with contact info on it. Had a desktop computer. Passworded so can’t check email or anything. Dude lives like a Spartan. Everything is clean and squared away, but he really doesn’t own anything. Takes some of the same meds I do. Must have PTSD like me. Handed that off to the cops to give to the doctors.

Found his keys. Locked up after. I’m holding them if we need to go back and look again tomorrow.

I’m gonna call the VA tomorrow and see if they can help with the family contacts if he has any.

This is so fucked up. I usually just shitpost and antagonize the shills over this stuff. I can’t help but think, what if he doesn’t have any family. Legit. What if he’s dead or worse, a vegetable? Vets from different branches rag on each other and we thump our chests and brag. No vet should die alone or left a ward of the state with nobody to advocate for him.

Fuck. I hope he’s okay.

Update 3: Got a knock on the door. It’s like 2300. I guess the LEOs were able to get ahold of his sister that lives about 30 mins away in La Crescent. She came by to get his keys. She said that they were gonna send him to Mayo for some scans and stuff they can’t do here. He’s conscious and “stable” but they don’t know what caused his seizure.

I think they know what the answer is but don’t want to admit it.

Update 4: Neighbors sister is at his house this morning. Had a little chat with her. She was picking up his toothbrush and stuff. Guess they are keeping him for a few days. They ran a CT scan and it might be some kind of autoimmune encephalitis or meningitis. Maybe even multiple sclerosis (sp?). Doing more tests I guess. Put him on some stuff to get the swelling down and it seems to be working. She thanked me for calling the medics in. If all goes well he could be back home in a couple days. Called his work to let them know what was going on so they don’t fire him for no-call no-show. Then she goes on about warning him about the “vaccine” and that he shouldn’t have gotten it. She works some kind of admin job at a different clinic. She says they’re seeing lots of people collapsing, having seizures and something-something paralysis since they rolled the shots out. Big uptick in strokes and heart attacks, too. Way more than normal. Practically begged me not to get it. Told her she was preaching to the choir. Gonna give him a call later. Could have gone really fucking pear-shaped.

I know he’s an annoying liberal chode. But nobody deserves to be done dirty like this.

Don’t trust the science if Dr. Mengele is the one doing the experiments.

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Mkay -10 points ago +8 / -18

Just FYI - almost everyone I know including myself took the vaccine. No issues. My mom had lost several friends to covid. My college besties husband was on ecmo for two months because of it (at 38) and 3 months after getting home just graduated pulmonary therapy. Another highschool classmate of mine (40) is currently on a vent. Two things can be true at once: Covid is serious AND the government is using it to gaslight and control us. Please protect yourselves.

slimcoat 10 points ago +12 / -2

I protected myself by building an immunity via antibodies after contracting covid and kicking the crap out of it naturally.

I'm never injecting that poison, shill. Peddle your snake oil elsewhere.