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I dont know where you all live or shop, but i will say this. Car dealerships alone in my town are becoming empty. Newer cars arent being shipped due to the "chip" shortage. Even things like buying a kayak is becoming hard to get and out of stock. A video game console, the latest phones, that tent you wanted for camping, all sold out. Many, many things sold out and out of stock. With no idea of a new shipment. There is a mass shortage on millions of products and nobody seems to notice it. And covid didnt create a shortage of resources, so what gives? And why is nobody talking about this mass shortage world wide.

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The shortages are coming from two major issues;

  1. You're right, covid didn't create a shortage of resources - the democrats did, when they shut down all "non-essential" businesses and feared everyone into their caves.

  2. They established moratoriums on rent, evictions, student loans, etc. and then started cutting massive unemployment checks to everyone sitting at home with nothing to do.

Most people aren't smart enough to save that money - they'd rather blow it on a new xbox, TV, computer, phone, etc. Especially when they know that they don't have to pay rent, more checks are coming, and they'll be confined to their homes for an extended period of time.

So when you give irresponsible people no right to work, no obligation to pay bills, and no motivation to do anything productive, then start cutting them huge checks for sitting on their asses staring at the TV all day, they tend to spend it on anything and everything that you might also be looking to buy - all while the manufacturers of such goods were shut down for being "non-essential."

And my "essential" ass was still working the whole time, paying even greater taxes because of the handouts and Xiden's socialist wishlist.

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There's a 3rd reason for shortages: hoarding