Trump Drips Statement on Covid (media.patriots.win)    TRUMP STATEMENT   
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BloodElfSupporter 19 points ago +19 / -0

I agree, but he needs to know that many of his supporters don’t like it and he needs to take a step back. I appreciate he said this cannot be mandated and is a choice, though.

Sek7or 9 points ago +10 / -1

He originally called it all a hoax. The media smashed him for it.

During the first corona virus task force updates he mentioned it was about trafficking. Media crickets.

He touted hydroxychloroquine Media smashed him for it. We need a vaccine.

He plays the cards. makes warp speed. Removes liability. Gave the media and subsequently the general public what they demanded. Media pivots to how bad he is at distribution.

Wears no mask the whole time. Remember he called it a hoax.

Hydroxychloroquine proves to be useful. Media crickets.

CDC admits test can’t differentiate flu and Covid. General public can’t grasp it, media Crickets.

Warp speed skipped trials, got the vaccine out before it could be mandated. Which got the ball rolling on vaccine complications. Now complications are out in public on the net before it’s mandated.

These people were going to take the vaccine anyway. Any vaccine. Any time. Any problem. The media made them demand it. Hell, it wasn’t fast enough for them as it is. They want us all jabbed. Nothing he would have said would have changed the media’s influence on their brain. They hated him to the core. Lost forever.

jennyfrutex 5 points ago +5 / -0

That's the important thing. He has never once tried to push or force anyone to get it.