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Good Evening My Fellow Insurrectionists,

Your spirited, but mostly peaceful pal u/Space_Force here and I am most honored to welcome you all to a very special AMA (Ask Me Anything) with based cartoon merchant, Mr. Ben Garrison!

Ben has done a few of these for us going back to the old Reddit days and was kind enough to stop in for a spell and chat with you beautiful and salty bastards.

For the five of you on here who don't know who Ben is, he's an independant, politically incorrect political cartoonist who pulls no punches and takes no shit. His work has been published at Breitbart, InfoWars, Politico, Slate, ZeroHedge, The Federalist Papers and shared many times here and millions of times all over the normie interwebs. Lots of people say they speak truth to power, Ben does it for a living.

You can check out and buy some of Ben's amazing work over at his site, https://grrrgraphics.com Prints are suitable for framing and guaranteed to piss off any Democrat within ten feet of it.

And now, ladies and gentlepedes, on behalf of the establishment, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome to the stage, Mr. Ben Garrison.

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Thank you, Outsider! (Have you rad Colin Wilson's "The Outsider?"

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covfefe_energy 16 points ago +16 / -0

We all love you Ben! Thank you for doing this.

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Same. I remember his March of tyranny comic from long ago.


Still my favorite of his works!

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The_Litehaus_Abides 25 points ago +25 / -0

Isn't that the one that got him uninvited from the White House meeting with creators about censorship? Talk about ironic.

I've always wanted to know the name of the CUCK staffer who snubbed Ben.

LibertarianXian 24 points ago +24 / -0

That was actually my first of Ben's outstanding cartoons and still my favorite! It couldn't be less relevant today!

I also think it's a cultural treasure the way you've documented the Trump movement from its scrappy beginnings to the thick of the deep state conflicts. No doubt in my mind you will go down in history as the best political cartoonist of this era and one of the best ever.

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rainyday1234 23 points ago +26 / -3

what got you into cartoons?

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^THIS! <3 MAGA2021

Forbidden_outcast 9 points ago +9 / -0

I would like to know, as well.

My high school government teacher made us read the political cartoon in our town’s daily newspaper, and try to dissect what it meant.

Looking back, I see that as one of the most brilliant ways to introduce young people to politics, in a way that begins with them asking questions and looking at the big picture- rather than relying on what someone else has spelled out in words for you to regurgitate.

Did Ben have anyone like that? Did he starts with and interest in politics, or in art?

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mybordersmychoice 16 points ago +16 / -0

I'm deeply grateful that Ben helped promote right wing poster campaigns before that sent shockwaves through the media and pissed off the ADL.

Hoping that he can promote the "It's Okay To Be White" poster campaign on Oct 31st this year so patriots can anonymously spread posters on streets and campuses using Halloween costumes & masks to protect their identity from MSM.

A post on Gab could help tremendously!

Friendly_B 1 point ago +1 / -0

Can you tell me more about these earlier poster promotions?

rainyday1234 4 points ago +7 / -3

Which cartoon is your fav mr.Garrison?

GrrrGraphics 266 points ago +266 / -0

Hello to all you like-minded patriots! I am here to answer your questions. I'll just jump in and begin replying to all the questions that are here already...

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Space_Force [S] 57 points ago +57 / -0

Thank you so much for stopping by Ben!

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Thanks for coming around here Ben! Love your work.

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YouHadMeAtGaming 16 points ago +16 / -0

Are you confident, or has anything new come of your lawsuit with the ADL?

Friendly_B 145 points ago +145 / -0

How can young conservative artists protect themselves in the publishing industry while also growing their voices and building a new pop culture?

GrrrGraphics 213 points ago +214 / -1

It's tough right now because the left ruthlessly attacks conservatives by going after their means of making a living. It happened to me and they were largely successful. Only my supporters saved me. If someone wants to draw conservative cartoons they must be aware of this. Maybe an anonymous route is the way to go, but the left is ruthless and brutal in their attacks.

mybordersmychoice 78 points ago +78 / -0

Maybe an anonymous route is the way to go

Can confirm, only post my cartoons under this anonymous name with a link to my anonymous Gab

edit: Another important thing to mention, the It's Okay To Be White poster campaign is happening again this Halloween. Plan is to cover schools, streets and public areas with that poster - while wearing a mask and halloween costume for anonymity so MSM can't dox anyone. Ben, if you see this can you please help promote the campaign? A post on Gab could help a lot! Thanks in advance if you can

MAGA_Argent_Crusade 9 points ago +9 / -0

How can we print stuff without the identifying marks?


What if you just print in black and white? This article says the dots are in yellow.

mybordersmychoice 4 points ago +4 / -0

I respect people who are extremely concerned about OpSec and in that case I recommend going very low tech and simply making the posters yourself with a sharpie while wearing gloves (buy the gloves, paper and sharpie with cash only). Zero risk of "forensic dot tracing".

If you want to make lots of them quickly, you can make a stencil with an old piece of cardboard to speed things up.

SpezIsANazisCumRag 7 points ago +8 / -1

Nice meme there but it was really hard to look at because you uploaded it as a low res and low quality JPG. Such a shame.

mybordersmychoice 7 points ago +7 / -0

Strange, it looks fine on several of my devices. Keep in mind the original image is actually quite small, your browser or whatever you're using is probably upscaling it and ruining quality unfortunately.

Just curious what are you using to view the gab post?

ScipioAmericanus 20 points ago +21 / -1

the left ruthlessly attacks conservatives by going after their means of making a living. It happened to me and they were largely successful.

If it isn’t too personal, could you please elaborate on how they went about doing this?

Thank you for creating such brilliant and honest comics that are even making the normies wake up! Lord Jesus bless and protect you and yours!

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sentient-potato 7 points ago +7 / -0

This hits very hard at the moment.

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XpatDemocrat 5 points ago +5 / -0

You must be pretty stupid. Id say you should stick around and learn a thing or 2, but your skull is too thick, and the deport button too sexy.

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YouKnowWhatItIs87 8 points ago +8 / -0

Probably the best question in the entire thread.

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What do you do to stay sane with all of this garbage evil going on in the world?

GrrrGraphics 246 points ago +249 / -3

It's not easy, but we have to realize who is really sane and who is not. At the top...THEY are the ones who are insane. They have been driven to insanity by their belief that they are superior to humanity because they own and control nearly everything. They dominate the masses and believe we should all jump into lockstep with whatever insane dictate they roll out. The tranny nonsense is a perfect example, but now they want to remove male and female from birth certificates.

They are gaslighting us on a massive scale since they control mass media and social media as well as most politicians, the courts, the security agencies, and education.

We must always remember that THEY are psychotic and we are the ones who are sane.

N8daGr8 32 points ago +32 / -0

Thank you for your reply! if you don't mind a follow-up, who of the higher ups do you trust the most?

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AlphaNathan 25 points ago +25 / -0

Based and redpilled.

Juice 19 points ago +19 / -0

Very well said.

rainyday1234 15 points ago +18 / -3

BASED BEN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Techrev 10 points ago +10 / -0

It isn't crazy to be hurt by people actively trying to hurt you. I'm trying to understand stoicism a bit more. I can't imagine what it must be like at your level. The emotional attacks are insane, and until you start to get a grasp of your emotions, it's difficult to fend them off.

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Juice 24 points ago +24 / -0

Good question

GCotN 121 points ago +121 / -0

Love your work! Can you re-affirm you are not suicidal please. 🥺

GrrrGraphics 203 points ago +203 / -0

No, I am not suicidal...I have too many cartoons to draw and paintings to paint for that...

GCotN 43 points ago +44 / -1

Thank you. Screen grabbed. JIC

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GCotN 2 points ago +2 / -0

My stack of unplugged hard drives can

Independenceforever 24 points ago +24 / -0

Life is too beautiful

The sweet moments too sweet

Enjoy every precious second!

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ScipioAmericanus 21 points ago +21 / -0

So what you’re declaring is, you don’t have any information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton?

covfefe_energy 6 points ago +6 / -0

Could you also affirm whether or not you have evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Cli...

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MasterChief 109 points ago +110 / -1

Has you or your family ever had your life threatened for your views? How do you handle it?

GrrrGraphics 192 points ago +192 / -0

I got some threats after my First Lady toon featuring Moochelle and Melania. Most threats weren't all that credible, though. Mostly of the "You'd better watch your back!" variety.

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TearofLys 26 points ago +26 / -0

A good rule - if you aren't getting death threats from the authoritarian left, you aren't trying hard enough.

rainyday1234 6 points ago +9 / -3


onlnpkr 109 points ago +109 / -0

Have you ever published a cartoon that some one else suggested? Do you make custom cartoons for collectors especially if it is their idea?

GrrrGraphics 151 points ago +152 / -1

I've done this many times and I give them credit when I do. If they want, I also send them a free signed print of the cartoon.

A1waysLurk1ing 38 points ago +38 / -0

I've sent a few to your site, and I appreciated the personal replies.

MycologyofMAGA 19 points ago +19 / -0

Return to Biden’s red line Baracks red line and Trumps red line. Lol such a classic!

BasedInvestor 2 points ago +2 / -0

I got a personal reply as well. Much appreciated and honored!

22ct [M] 100 points ago +101 / -1

Ben will be answering from the u/GrrrGraphics account.

Feel free to sort this thread by new and vote for questions you would like to see answered!

Edit: Garrison has left the building! Big thanks to Ben and Tina from u/GrrrGraphics for hanging out, this was a lot of fun!

Again thanks to u/Space_Force for the initiative!

AdamSmith1776 95 points ago +95 / -0

What’s your process? Do you check the news everyday and feverishly create or is it more planned and methodical?

GrrrGraphics 171 points ago +172 / -1

Most of my cartoons are 'same day' affairs. I have a cheap sketchbook and I scratch out ideas with a pencil to see if they work. If they have possibilities I'll do a more elaborate rough. My work is done on a large sheet of quality illustration board by hand. I ink things in using a Pentel Pocketbrush pen, then erase the pencil. I've done a few on the computer, but I prefer the hand-drawn look.

22ct 57 points ago +59 / -2

I had no idea the majority of you works weren't done on a computer. Turns out you can't beat drawing by hand when it comes to the hand-drawn look.

GrayManNumber333 22 points ago +22 / -0

Hand drawn is classy and timeless.

PhilipeNegro 9 points ago +9 / -0

Pen & Paper Gang!

Forbidden_outcast 8 points ago +8 / -0

I love this

Ramasun 94 points ago +94 / -0

Hi Ben. What is your opinion on the 2020 elections.

GrrrGraphics 241 points ago +242 / -1

Stolen outright. Biden got more votes than Obama even though he only drew a half dozen people at his few and far between rallies? It's a joke. He stayed in his basement because he knew it was rigged in his favor.

They learned the lesson of Hillary. If they couldn't win fairly, they'd steal it. That's what they did. Actually they rigged it for Hillary and stole it for her too--at least, they tried...but they didn't try hard enough. They pulled out all stops and blatantly stole it knowing the propaganda media would cover for them.

Peaceful-Riot 60 points ago +60 / -0

Based. No one actually cares about sleepy Joe.

sully 54 points ago +54 / -0

100% this. Bravo.

They couldn't predict Trump's numbers in 2016, and simply couldn't make up the difference on such short notice. In 2020, they had already had 4 years to prepare, and had previous 2016 numbers to go off of, with a potential voter growth taken into account. Perfect recipe for fraud votes, or what Trump called "Explosions of Bullshit".

I firmly believe everything that is going on today was supposed to happen in 2017. Trump getting elected only delayed the inevitable.

ItsFunToSay-M-A-G-A 21 points ago +21 / -0

Even with their 4 years of preparations to attempt to predict the massive growth of support for Trump, it still wasn't enough to beat him! That's why they had to stop the vote counting at 2:30 am on election night and why they were in a mad scramble to magically "find" all of those extra ballots at 4 am in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix!

TRUMP WON IN A MASSIVE LANDSLIDE! It broke their algorithms they set up for the steal!

bigly4trump 12 points ago +12 / -0

Hence why the cheating was so obvious. They literally got overwhelmed with legitimate Trump votes, and had to say "screw it, we're stealing it anyway"

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Vox_Dobad 11 points ago +11 / -0

Lol I forgot about "explosions of bullshit"!! That was an epic line

Techrev 8 points ago +8 / -0

And they still weren't prepared for how big Trump won. That's the crazy part. The spikes, the adding votes all night, surprise ballot boxes...

AlphaNathan 27 points ago +27 / -0

One of us.

War_Hamster 12 points ago +12 / -0

Yup, that comment could easily have been made by most of the pedes here.

ManyDirt 4 points ago +4 / -0

Could have been made by anyone with open eyes and an honest streak.

Judicator 3 points ago +3 / -0

And inversely it seems to be an immense struggle for anyone of bad alignment to say, even with all of their deception. It's just too much to admit it, or something, for most of them.

War_Hamster 17 points ago +17 / -0

Take it further. They used Covid to make that cheating easier, just as they pushed the BLM agenda to create an aura of chaos.

They also started collecting voter roll data as far back as 2017 to help with The Steal, using sue and settle techniques to change election laws with corrupt Soros SecStates.

Freedombunker 9 points ago +9 / -0

Exactly this.

grenades_and_ham 85 points ago +85 / -0

Great work Ben keeping it coming. I love always looking for Hillary's shoe!

GrrrGraphics 108 points ago +108 / -0

That shoe ended up being the star of the show in many Hillary cartoons.

grenades_and_ham 19 points ago +19 / -0


NoTimeToBleed 16 points ago +16 / -0

The shoe is legendary.

IvIA6A 8 points ago +8 / -0

It's like a where's waldo for adults. Have you ever considered doing something in that same style with political figures?

brundlefly777 3 points ago +3 / -0

I don't get the reference!

wolfygirl2 4 points ago +5 / -1

Look up side of beef Hillary

brundlefly777 2 points ago +2 / -0

Aha! Of course.

grenades_and_ham 3 points ago +3 / -0

Remeber when side of beef was chucked into the van?

Some of Bens comics potrayed Hillary wearing only one shoe. You then looked for the other shoe somewhere in the picture.


22ct 72 points ago +73 / -1

Here are some of the popular questions from the AMA announcement thread.

Hey Ben, what's it like to have Chris Wallace as a doppelganger?

4chan has been putting your signature on works you did not create. Often with overtly Nazi/racist/asshole-ish content. What are your thoughts on this, and how has it affected your reputation and reception in the internet community and real world?

Do you make a living drawing those cartoons or is it a hobby? If you make a living from it, please talk about that and inspire other artists!

Hey Ben, have you faced political persecution from major media outlets or social media companies? If so, what happened?

GrrrGraphics 51 points ago +51 / -0

As for the Chris Wallace comment- that was an old photo and Ben ditched the glasses for a cool pair! Thanks Tina


rainyday1234 5 points ago +8 / -3

how did you become a cartoonist?

22ct 8 points ago +8 / -0

Ben answered a similar question here.

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 70 points ago +70 / -0

I've been a big fan of your work for some time. What's your favorite rifle cartridge?

GrrrGraphics 107 points ago +107 / -0


Space_Force [S] 38 points ago +38 / -0

Don't fuck with this guy's tool shed. Just saying.

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 8 points ago +8 / -0

There must be a story to this haha.

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DeplorableCentipede 1 point ago +1 / -0

It looks like he only answered top-level comments.

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 2 points ago +2 / -0

Same here!

Faix 69 points ago +69 / -0

What piece of yours has gotten the most flak amongst your colleagues?

GrrrGraphics 151 points ago +151 / -0

I have no colleagues per se. The last cartoonist to write me was Steve Greenberg. I worked with him for 13 years at a paper in Seattle. The art department often had poker games at his place. We went out to lunch countless times.

Then he wrote me an email a few years back and condemned me for being an anti-Semitic bigot. He drew lefty toons and couldn't believe I supported Trump. So be it. I never wrote him back. I'm no longer in contact with very few of my old friends from my newspaper days. They've disowned me. Fine...I'll make new friends.

Donger-Lord2 44 points ago +45 / -1

We don’t need friends where we’re going. NO BRAKES!

knittinkittens 35 points ago +36 / -1

Lots of frens for you here!

War_Hamster 14 points ago +14 / -0

This is my favorite answer so far.

Pedes need to adopt this attitude. I sure try to.

anon09 8 points ago +8 / -0

I think many of us have gone through this in recent years.

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basedvirginian 63 points ago +63 / -0

What was the defining political moment that made you conservative? I always love hearing people’s “red pill” moment 😌

Also, side note, thanks for all you do to bring smiles to our faces with your cartoons. Thank you so much for giving us some light in these dark times 🇺🇸💕

Edit: not sure if Ben saw, but wanted to say this has been so cool! Thanks for doing this 💕

War_Hamster 9 points ago +9 / -0

I'd like to hear the answer to this as well.

Americanapplepie 62 points ago +62 / -0

Mr Garrison, what was your inspiration to get into drawing your pieces and have you always been a political person or did you kinda stumble into it? Also, really dig your stuff of course! Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question and stay BASEDAF fren! 👊🏻🦅🇺🇸

GrrrGraphics 111 points ago +111 / -0

Editorial cartoons are based in anger and negativity. When the criminal bankers were given trillions of dollars in 2008 I snapped and decided to draw anti-Federal Reserve cartoons in protest. That's how they started. In my younger days I was interested in editorial cartoons, but I was told I wasn't funny enough and I wasn't mean enough to do them. I was discouraged at every turn. Well, in 2008 I discovered my meanness. Humor? To hell with being funny--the cartoons can still make a point without prompting guffaws.

Americanapplepie 19 points ago +19 / -0

😂 “discouraged at every turn”. Reminds me of a post I made earlier today pertaining to spite and how it can be a useful weapon against those that wish to force us into what they want us to do or what they do not want us to do. Thank you so much for the response, I’m gonna screencap this and brag about how I got to talk to BASEDAF Ben Garrison. Again, keep pumping them out, I’ll speak for everyone and say we love your work! 🇺🇸🦅TRUMPWON/AMERICAFIRST/MAGA/KAG 🦅🇺🇸

PraiseBeToScience 61 points ago +62 / -1

Mr. Garrison,

Have you considered doing some MAGA birthday/holiday cards so I could really piss off and alienate the rest of my communist family?

GrrrGraphics 72 points ago +72 / -0

Birthday MAGA cards= good Idea! We also created Christmas cards for a couple years too- our calendar is very popular! Tina

deleted 20 points ago +22 / -2
PraiseBeToScience 32 points ago +32 / -0


Theannihilatrixx 17 points ago +17 / -0

This really needs to be a thing.

PraiseBeToScience 7 points ago +7 / -0


War_Hamster 8 points ago +8 / -0

May you have a peaceful (but fiery) Christmas.

Azarak 2 points ago +2 / -0

"...a 'mostly' peaceful Christmas."

Kamalas_a_Bitch 7 points ago +7 / -0

I second this idea

JoeNotErotic 15 points ago +15 / -0


MAGA_Argent_Crusade 3 points ago +3 / -0

This is a good idea because good funny cards are rare. It is easier to find a serious card.

HiddenDekuScrub 60 points ago +60 / -0

Do you have a favorite other comic?

GrrrGraphics 98 points ago +98 / -0

If you mean editorial cartoonists, I like the work of David Low. His work is very serious and compelling. He never won a Pulitzer and that shows you what a disgrace those prizes are.

I like the work of Oliphant a lot even though I never agree with his politics.

HiddenDekuScrub 27 points ago +27 / -0

Yes, that is what I meant, and thank you. 😊

Aletheia 1 point ago +1 / -0

Not Rebel Pepper?

Spawnlingman 60 points ago +60 / -0

Ben, i have your work frames in my office. Where can I donate?

GrrrGraphics 87 points ago +87 / -0

We have a donation page and also you can donate through our pay pal- thanks for your support (Tina-I am sneaking in here) https://grrrgraphics.com/product-category/support-ben-garrison-cartoons/ https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/GrrrGraphics

Spawnlingman 23 points ago +23 / -0

Thank you. Donation sent. God bless.

GrrrGraphics 41 points ago +41 / -0

Thank you my special Fren!

censorthisss 8 points ago +8 / -0

Surprises that PayPal hasn't banned you yet. I'm definitely going to donate.

GrrrGraphics 52 points ago +52 / -0

I think we have a donate button on our site...Tina can answer this.

Dominion3 59 points ago +60 / -1

Did you knowingly make labeling everything your own style or was it just something you did and had a great laugh when people started pointing it out?

And what do you think of Steve Bannon?

Thanks for your service, you are amazing!

GrrrGraphics 102 points ago +102 / -0

I knowingly label as I see fit. Have I overdone it in the past? Sure, but 100 years from now (if my work isn't memory-holed) then they'll make more sense. American cartoons in the past often use copious amounts of labels. I carry on that tradition. European editorial cartoonists try to use no labels at all. Those end up being mere illustrations in my opinion.

IvIA6A 57 points ago +57 / -0

Do you have a favorite piece you've done that might not have been as well received as you had hoped?

GrrrGraphics 83 points ago +83 / -0

My favorite is very old one titled "Shrine of the Statist." I want to do it again with more detail and elaboration.

NullifyAndSecede 22 points ago +22 / -0

You call yourselves Christians, or Jews, or claim to follow some other religion, but the truth is, what you call your religion is empty window-dressing. What you truly worship, the god you really bow to, what you really believe in, is the state. ‘Thou shalt not steal.’ ‘Thou shalt not murder.’ Unless you can do it by way of government. Then it’s just fine, isn’t it?

― Larken Rose



War_Hamster 9 points ago +9 / -0

You've been missed.

NullifyAndSecede 9 points ago +9 / -0

Thank you. I've been lurking but I'm gonna try commenting more again.

War_Hamster 7 points ago +7 / -0

I need someone to nitpick on theoretical arguments with.

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 6 points ago +6 / -0

That's white pill material there.

Ex-lib-learning 2 points ago +2 / -0

White pill?

rubmewithbeer 3 points ago +3 / -0

Red pill is realizing media is lying and we are in the elite's system Blue pill is you've heard the argument but you don't care/want to believe it and wana go back to living as a slave White pill is the pill of hope Black pill is the pill of no hope all is going to shit Clown pill is you just have to laugh because it's crazy

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 2 points ago +2 / -0

I'll try to summarize: Understanding that human authority is a myth. We are all born under God with the exact same rights. Tyrants imagine they have extra rights but are mistaken.

Attempt #2: It is the fundamental understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

SideOBeef2016 2 points ago +2 / -0

That one is very good! I agree it has serious potential for some sprucing up. I hate the big gov cult!

OldGamerGuy79 49 points ago +50 / -1

How bad do you think it's really gonna get?


GrrrGraphics 105 points ago +106 / -1

It's already bad. The dystopian future is here. If people don't wake up and stop participating in their own slavery, it will get very bad.

What did Stalin do? He executed millions. 1/10th of the population were sent to gulags--slave labor camps. His henchmen beat and tortured innocents in prisons. Think Pelosi won't do that same? They all will--they are sadists who want to punish their enemies. Pelosi is already doing that with her gulag prison in DC. MAGA protestors locked up without lawyers and getting beaten. It's already begun and it will get far worse if everyone keeps complying.

deleted 3 points ago +3 / -0
TheEvacuator 1 point ago +1 / -0

Not if we fight.

A1waysLurk1ing 16 points ago +16 / -0

Bruce Willis has entered chat...

Julius 46 points ago +46 / -0

Hey Ben! First of all, big thanks for doing this AMA.

You are probably among the most iconic currently active political cartoonists of our day. Could you tell us what you think about some other prominent cartoonists, such as Stonetoss or Gprime85? Are there any other active artists whose works you particularly enjoy?

GrrrGraphics 67 points ago +67 / -0

I like Stonetoss and he once drew a cartoon about me that brought a big smile to my face. Gprime85's four panel work is very well done and he's a lot hipper than I could ever be. I think he draws all his stuff on the computer. He's got real talent.

Space_Force [S] 35 points ago +35 / -0

There's Garrison, Branco, Gprime85 and Stonetoss and then there's everybody else.

War_Hamster 8 points ago +8 / -0

That is a solid list.

bratt 45 points ago +45 / -0

Mr Garrison, If you were to draw Biden's brain, would you have a blank sheet of paper?

GrrrGraphics 69 points ago +69 / -0

I already did that. I drew his head as a giant house--mostly empty. I think I titled it, "The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home."

bratt 5 points ago +5 / -0

Thank you. I will look for it.

Doochebag 43 points ago +45 / -2

Political Satirists have a way of taking current events and seeing the absurdity of them. Ben Garrison is the leading political cartoonist of the MAGA MOVEMENT.

My question(s) for BEN GARRISON:

Name the thing you find the most ridiculous about this administration.

Conversely, name the thing about this administration that terrifies you the most.

GrrrGraphics 105 points ago +106 / -1

It's not an administration. It's a REGIME. They are criminal interlopers and, if they continue to get away with it, they will press their advantage and continue to commit crimes such as aiding and abetting those who want to illegally enter our country. Biden is a puppet, but what his regime will do is continue to trample on our freedoms such as free speech. The thing that terrifies me the most is he will send out GOON SQUADS or traitors in the military to show up at our doors and take our guns while giving us a poisonous jab. If they kick my door down without a warrant to do that, they'll see what happens.

MrBabySpam 18 points ago +19 / -1

They may try to take our guns someday and they may get some but I guarantee you they will run out of people who are willing to take the rest.

War_Hamster 9 points ago +9 / -0

Any questions that Ben is one of us have now been forevermore answered.

GlacialSpeed 3 points ago +3 / -0


Ben, you're among friends here.

I hope to God you all answer your neighbor's calls for help when their door is kicked in.

Because yours won't be far behind.

bigly4trump 5 points ago +5 / -0

The Biden Admin is a hostile occupying force

HunterG22 42 points ago +43 / -1

What inspired you to get into drawing?

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Long long ago when I was in the 5th grade I began writing stories. I illustrated them with little cartoons. The cartoons took over and became comics. In Jr. High I drew comic strips and caricatures of teachers and classmates. In high school I studied serious art and began painting.

Painting is what I love doing the most...wish I had more time to do them.

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I GOTTA GO--thanks to everyone for the fun chat!-- Ben

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SHIT i'm 11 min late to the party

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OP's link doesn't work for some reason, try this one: https://grrrgraphics.com

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Thanks fam, fixed now!

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Hey Ben, I love your work and wanna keep supporting what you're doing! What's the best way to support you?

I also saw an ad on instagram for a Trump tweet book with what looks like your artwork, is this yours? www.artofthetweet.com

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Yes, Ben created the cover for that book


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Thanks Tina! I love your artwork as well! Keep up the good work!

Looks like you already answered my question on donating. Here's the link again for anyone that missed it: https://grrrgraphics.com/product-category/support-ben-garrison-cartoons/

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Link to Tina's work? Would love to check it out too. Thanks you.

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Thank you so much for delivering!

edit: And deliver you did! Tina's work is outstanding! Well done across the board!

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What kind of weaponry did you have fall into a lake? Lolololol

GrrrGraphics 43 points ago +44 / -1

I lost a lot of 10 pound lead balls (trolling) in Puget Sound while salmon fishing. Can't afford a boat to go lake fishing here.

ViolentNPCS 5 points ago +6 / -1

Hard to afford much of anything around here. But thankfully, they drop the charges for stealing it... if you're the right color.

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Did you ever get to meet with President Trump, after you were taken off the list for alternative media at the White House???

GrrrGraphics 51 points ago +52 / -1

No, but Ben hopes to meet President Trump in his third term! Behind the scenes story- Ben did go to the Social media Summit After party at the Trump Hotel DC. While Ben was mingling someone tugged at his sleeve and introduced themselves claiming that President Trump loved the cartoons very much. That person was Dan Scavino.

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That's very cool. Scavino would certainly know. He's always seemed like a very good egg.

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I came to ask this very question. Thanks, Pede. I want to know about that too. We were all very disappointed that you weren't invited into the WH because of the liberal opposition. I hope you were able to meet with President Trump and talk about this. Everything that man did was a battle and he couldn't win them all. Also, I bought your Ship of Fools for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. Please don't ever forget the missing shoe!

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Have you ever wavered on publishing a cartoon because it was politically “too much?” Have you ever toned down your work?

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That's a good question and the only one I had any trepidation about was the Melania vs. Michelle one (drew Michelle as a tranny). I told Tina to post it only for the Patreon followers but she just posted it on our site anyway. The shit hit the fan in a furious manner, but it also brought us a lot more followers and recognition.

As for my other cartoons I often fault myself for not pushing the message harder--in other words, I want to tone them UP and not down.

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Classic Tina.

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Your art is freaking hilarious. I love every single thing you post - your pictures drive the left crazy since they point out their hypocrisy.

Don't believe me? Look at the leftoid subreddit r/therightcantmeme. They constantly froth at the mouth over your cartoons.

Matter of fact, I actually visit that subreddit to get memes and a good laugh.

GrrrGraphics 48 points ago +49 / -1

Making them angry is a good thing. An effective cartoon can be like a sock in the gut and I enjoy socking them. Getting a sock in the gut is memorable, too. You don't forget gettin socked in the gut, ha ha

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Not too bright, this one.

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Get lost fag.

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Bop hammer was heavy 😂

RabidZoo 4 points ago +5 / -1

Some people are just rude. 🤨

Now...back to having fun again! 😃

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Is that how you talk to a lady?

RabidZoo 2 points ago +2 / -0

Did it hurt your feelings?

capsicoli -5 points ago +1 / -6

No, but it betrayed your lack of intellect or civility.

RabidZoo 3 points ago +3 / -0

Then get the fuck over it. Bye 😃

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Hey Ben,

4chan has been putting your signature on works you did not create. Often with overtly Nazi/racist/asshole-ish content. What are your thoughts on this, and how has it affected your reputation and reception in the internet community and real world?

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I bought your piece with Bill Gates ominously hovering over the 5 stages of the planned-demic. 5th stage was forced inoculations. Just want to say I got that last year and you were right. Can tell you listen to Alex Jones and aren’t ashamed of it which is why I decided to support you. You’re a true hero.

  1. Can you or have you done a piece about Stockholm syndrome regarding vaccines? Something like a naive/smug liberal college girl who develops Bells Palsy after the jab with a quote cloud saying something like, “this doesn’t mean the vaccine caused this. GET YOUR VACCINE YOU SELFISH PRICK!” I feel like something like that would resonate well the sheep who pretend their side effects have nothing to do with this experimental poison vaccine designed to “treat” the Fauci funded CCP virus.

  2. Do you have any other pieces about ivermectin/HCQ/suppression of America’s frontline doctors? I would totally buy and think they’d be a big hit if you put your witty spin on them.

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I got a signed copy of your frist big book of cartoons. Great coffee table book. When does volume two come out?

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I feel bad about that first book--inflicting such a HEAVY volume on people...but I wanted to give them their money's worth. It was printed in South Korea and they did a fine job on it. DONORS made that book possible because it was so expensive to print. I'd like to do another softbound book out of Korea--big size, but not nearly as heavy. "America First Forever" or some such title and it would feature my best Trump cartoons. Can't afford to do it yet, though.

Our little books are done by Amazon. We couldn't afford to print them otherwise. "Real" publishers want nothing to do with me.

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Agents and publishers are gatekeepers. I've been trying to get published and almost all agent "wish lists" are LQBTQ+ characters or "a strong female voice" or "marginalized experiences".

Friendly_B 1 point ago +1 / -0

What publishers have you looked at if you can go through some of them?

sentient-potato 2 points ago +2 / -0

DAW Penguin and Launch Books don't require an agent, so I may be going through them. I'm still querying agents but when I see their wish list, and know I don't have LGBTQ+ characters which they state they want, I sort of know I'll get rejected.

I'll keep trying, as I'm told it's a marathon, not a race :)

Friendly_B 1 point ago +1 / -0

I can relate.

sentient-potato 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ah ha! A fellow author?

Never give up, never surrender!

Techrev 2 points ago +2 / -0

Says a lot for freedom of the press. I didn't even think about this angle. There is no freedom of the press, when publishers are controlled and manipulated.

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The best combination of artistic skill and intelligence and humor.

GrrrGraphics 23 points ago +23 / -0

Thank you!!

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Question: Have you and Branco ever collaborated, and, if not, would you please consider creating a way for that to happen?

GrrrGraphics 32 points ago +32 / -0

I talked to him on the phone once. We talked about our process as well as how to get books published. I have an advantage because I'm very good with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I put together my own books including that massive coffee table book. I don't need anyone's help with that, but he does since he didn't come from a newspaper background....but in many ways he's more successful than me. His cartoons are easier to understand. He's syndicated and his work is more ubiquitous than mine. He never had to go through the troll ring of fire either and I'm not sure why the concentrated on me and left him alone.

GrrrGraphics 29 points ago +29 / -0

...why they...excuse the typo.

One more thing--we tried to get syndicated but were were ignored due to the false label of 'racist, anti-semitic cartoonist' that has been affixed to my name by the powers that be.

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Just proves how much of your message is a threat to the establishment.

FrankWisner 3 points ago +3 / -0

I appreciate your answer, and the body of your work, very much - it is a credit to not just your clarity, and your courage.

Thank you.

Leatherwood 4 points ago +6 / -2

Because your cartoons are better than his.

sentient-potato 17 points ago +17 / -0

Hello Mr Garrison,

You often have your finger precisely on the pulse of the cultural and political climate. My question is: do you ever find yourself feeling discouraged or overwhelmed?

GrrrGraphics 25 points ago +25 / -0

All the time. It's bad and it got bad with frightening alacrity. I know a lot of people who say our country is finished. Done. Kaput. It's hard to disagree with them, but I choose to go down fighting.

sentient-potato 1 point ago +1 / -0

Thank you for your answer, I feel the same. I keep my chin up even when I'm feeling down, and a place like this helps me remember that I'm not alone.

NeilNewsNetwork 17 points ago +18 / -1

Dear Ben, were you always Conservative/Libertarian? or did you have an awakening?

..and either way, when did you wake up to how evil the establishment/globalist/deep state/swamp really was?

NullifyAndSecede 16 points ago +16 / -0

Who is the better champion of Liberty in your opinion?

Ron Paul, or Donald Trump?

GrrrGraphics 47 points ago +47 / -0

Ron Paul. I like Trump, but let's face it...it's Ron Paul.

I'm more aligned with Paul than any other politician I've come across. Strike that. He's a statesman more than a politician.

NullifyAndSecede 14 points ago +14 / -0

I suspected this was the case, and I would also whole heartedly agree.

One of my favorite comics of yours (other than the shrine of statism) is one of Ron Paul pointing the way to Liberty and everyone else walking in the opposite direction.

Edit: found it https://grrrgraphics.com/lockstep-our-new-cartoon/

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 5 points ago +5 / -0

Heck yeah, that's a great one.

OriginalPede2015 5 points ago +5 / -0

Was the first politician I ever donated to.

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Hey Ben! What do you like to eat? Do you eat spicy stuff?

GrrrGraphics 32 points ago +32 / -0

Oh yes. 3 star more than 4 at Thai places. I love HOT Mexican food and I often add peppers and hot sauce to a lot of dishes. My last remaining taste bud still appreciates it.

RabidZoo 5 points ago +5 / -0

Awesome! Gotta keep it spicy! You rock!

crimsonfancy 4 points ago +4 / -0

These are the (extra) topics I like to learn of as well. Especially about foods that talented or successful people enjoy. Thanks for asking the question and thank you to u/GrrGraphics for answering.
I can remember what people have ordered 20 years ago when I had meals with potential bosses, dates, dates' families, etc. We really are what we eat in so many more ways than the obvious. I'm 50 and since I started dating in my teens, I wouldn't / didn't stay around if a girl isn't open-minded or doesn't eat right. This is a fact and it will never change. Could be why I'm single today? lol

Independenceforever 15 points ago +15 / -0


Bill Watterson taught me stylistic flair.

You taught me shrewd wit.

Great work!

Mr. Garrison, Who is your favorite cartoonist of all time and why?

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GrrrGraphics 81 points ago +82 / -1

I'm not sure what this is, but Making America Great Again remains a priority for me. I'm an 'America First' type and the Biden Regime is trying to paint that as the epitome of evil.

Biden is the evil, though...he's a perverted, demented tyrant and he's not the president. He's a criminal who needs to be locked up.

A1waysLurk1ing 14 points ago +14 / -0

Have you ever deleted a picture after it was done, thinking you'd gone too far?

If so, what was it, and, do you still feel that way today?

UncleTrumpsBand 14 points ago +14 / -0

You seem to pump out drawings pretty quick. How long usually is it from an idea inception to final product we see?

OrangeApple 13 points ago +13 / -0

Have you been pressured to stop creating these accurate political commentaries? If so, how did you address it?

ItsFunToSay-M-A-G-A 13 points ago +13 / -0

Do you have a background in art, or are you self-taught?

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ooo this!

Shwoogin 12 points ago +12 / -0

What sort of software & hardware do you use for animation, so amateur keyboard warrior memesmiths might follow in your footsteps?

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 2 points ago +2 / -0

Just his mitts!

Shwoogin 3 points ago +3 / -0

So they're ink on paper and scanned to digital?

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour 2 points ago +2 / -0

He answered a question about hand drawing in this thread, and he listed the software he uses in another. I suppose you would have to scan it, but I'm only supposing.