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God has laid this on my heart to talk about this and warn the world of what is coming. Because it has already happened, albeit virtually.

I'm about 99.9% certain not a single person on here has ever heard of GeoFS. If there is one, I'd love to meet you and talk about our experiences! GeoFS is a free online multiplayer flight simulator accessible in a browser as well as mobile. in recent years it been used for teaching aviation to younger students due to it being free and very versatile. However, the community is dark, fractured, and just about Godless. And I led it for 2 years (Jan 2019 - Dec 2020) I led it through the two darkest periods the community had EVER faced. I'm serious.

I created the Fandom wiki on the flight sim since nobody else had tried before. It was an instant success, with hundreds of pages and contributors. However, the game had become mired deep in roleplay and the politics that comes with virtual air forces. It is astounding how a bunch of nerdy gamers united to form even one roleplay group, but dozens were formed before I even got there. I got there right as it was taking off. The chat soon became flooded with trolls and shills, and most of the OGs stopped using the chat entirely. Politics was rampant by 2018, and this idiot now known as Privat decided that his entire purpose in life was to tear me and my friends down. Despite his constant, relentless attacks, the wiki prospered, and I became a massive influence. Several people have told me that I'm probably the most important person to join GeoFS. I have literally been compared to GEOTUS, lol

That all changed in 2020. I left for a week for vacation in March. I gave ownership and all power over the wiki to a close friend of mine. I trusted him. I truly did. I came back, and CHAOS. Chaos reigned supreme. Somehow, the two most powerful military groups were fighting each other over a really stupid dispute between their leaders. And the whole community, military, civilian, and government roleplayers, all got dragged into it. It was a sh*tshow like nothing else. I had no idea what to do and I was totally unprepared as well as recovering from being sick (I'm sure it was covid since I had all the symptoms). So, I gave him another week as owner. BIG mistake. He turned out to be a powerhungry psychopath. As owner of the wiki, he was the purveyor of information. I couldn't stop it despite my best efforts. Within a month, he took over civilian roleplay with his 700-member virtual airline (I think it was the 10th-largest virtual airline in all flight sims), military roleplay with plants controlling the UN in GeoFS (yeah, it got so bad they made a bureaucracy to deal with the politics), and the wiki. He has had total control of all affairs in GeoFS since August 2020. Some of the previous power players (i'm going to throw out names nobody will know but its just for the story) such as Ironman, Whale, KevinGPG, and DevinAviation lost control of their groups and left.

Last week, on my birthday, I got the rudest birthday present ever. I was updated, as I am regularly, on GeoFS affairs (I have been gone since November 2020), by a close friend. He told me that the situation was officially hopeless. The last person that had any chance of doing anything to stop the "owner of it all" had left, and there were rumors he had been bullied into suicide (luckily, I found that this was untrue today).

It sickens me to see something I poured nearly three years of my life into, and thousands of hours, destroyed in months by a person that openly advocated for a one world order in real life. This is coming to us. I know that the people that say that there is a coming NWO are called conspiracy theorists, but it happened in a FRICKING flight simulator! A FRICKING GAME!!!

I need tons and tons of prayer right now. I feel like I am going to be dragged back into the situation because everyone is looking up to me to stop the monster I created. But I just can't. I really would appreciate your prayers right now. This may seem trivial at best but it would mean the world to me right now. The way things are going IRL is almost exactly how it happened in GeoFS after I gave power to my former friend.

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similar to Glen Greenwald, founded the Intercept to be pushed out by woke mob

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Evil is evil is really all i can say bro. Real life or simulation. Weak unconfident men (mentally or physically) are usually the ones that really create the problems. (I am assuming it was a male)

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A degenerate male, but I guess a male.