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Furthermore, this hurts Trump because it tells the GOP they can win with dem support and be free of his grasp. Make sure you hammer this asshole to vote conservative values or he will be primaried.

This also may foreshadow what can happen in the 2022 election to replace Abbott. It's well-known many are supporting Allen West, but Dems may vote for Abbott in primary just to keep a RINO in the running knowing conservatives are sick of his shit. We need to be sure to turnout to vote.

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Try again with something that makes sense. Your point is meaningless and almost totally unrelated.

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You saying they need to hold an election after an election that is most likely full of fuckery is unrelated? Day drinking isn’t healthy.

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Who's triggered now?

Uru made me look like a dumbass faggot! That downvote button'll teach him! It works for me on Twitter! It'll work here too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


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Lmao. Poor bastard keeps replying.