Remember To Call Digger's Hotline (media.patriots.win) 😷  CHINA VIRUS  😷
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My family FINALLY had my mom's belated funeral (7/30) to accommodate nationwide (one sister retired to Panama and couldn't make dad's November funeral) cousins, family, etc, so this is a little bad taste. But I'm also reminded, being the youngest of 7 and doing ALL the caregiving, estate resolution and ALL of the funeral planning ALONE, once we were all together again and the birth order coming out in spades with my PSYCHO liberal siblings, why I value the fact that WE PROBABLY WON'T BE TOGETHER AGAIN AFTER THIS (picture the ONE conservative guest on The View and don't change anything - that's our 'family meeting' in a nutshell - everything I've done wrong from A-Z and why all conservatives are horrible monsters).