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I come from an amazing family. My parents are still together. I want to have beautiful babies to raise Christian and conservative. I worry breaking up wit this guy will mean I lose my shot at having a family, since eating here is so hard.

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Okay, right. Let me tell you this my love...

I was married to my first husband for 20 years. We had two gorgeous girls & to everyone around us, we had the perfect marriage. Every day of those 20 years was a lie - a lie to my family, a lie to my kids, but most importantly, a lie to myself. He was a drinker, I wasn't. He wanted the big social lifestyle, I'm naturally quieter & wanted family & home. The differences between us led to him becoming abusive & bullying.

I was 43 when I finally summoned to the courage to leave him & thought I would never have the chance to meet anyone again, especially with children & vengeful bastard of an ex-husband constantly interfering....

But I did ❤️

I met a wonderful man, we married & we've been together now for 15 years & in contrast to before, every day is a blessing.

You are young! You have every opportunity to move & meet someone who shares your values & you know what, you deserve that happiness in your life!

Marriage is the hardest thing you'll ever do, even with someone who is on the same page as you. Don't waste your life on someone who isn't right. Pray on it a while & don't make any decisions in haste.

33 isn't old - you have every chance to meet exactly the right person for you & be on your way to starting your family in no time 🙂

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THIS^^^^^ listen to this female pede!!

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This is your entire life and your future kids. Don’t give them a commie father and you a commie husband.

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I’ll be 33 next month. I feel like I don’t have a choice

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You always have a choice, and 33 isn't old, I'm now 40 and I'm just finding out what i missed out on because of a toxic 10 year relationship with a woman who wasn't meant for me, have courage and go find the man of your dreams, don't just settle and marry your Soyfriend because you feel like time is tickkng away, the right man might just be around the next corner or the next DM

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Lol soyfriend.

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Just coined that, feel free to use it all you like

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Nothing is impossible with God. I know a beautiful Christian woman who met her future husband at her church when she was 34. They married when she was 35. She had two wonderful children who are great young adults. She is now in her early 60s and says she still feels like a newlywed. Pray for God’s best, BBS! Psalm 84:10

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Please don't feel it's too late and do something you'll regret. 33 is not too late, whatever people say about old eggs. I responded to another thread about the maternal age question, but to sum it up, your health* can help the oocytes (not eggs yet) form into healthy eggs and healthy babies. note: health meaning diet, exercise and especially supplements like CoQ10

Setting that aside, if you're a Christian, then you know the best thing for your future children is two sincere, Christian parents who are good examples for them. Will he be bringing them to church or reading and praying with them if you're ill or something happens? You mentioned to another that you make a lot more than him. Does this mean you won't have the option to be a stay at home mom? Another comment was about a fight after the election - does he not believe there was any fraud, or not see a problem with counting votes in secret? What liberal causes does he support, and how will that affect your life, or your children? What liberal ideas might he teach or encourage your children to do?

You know him and we don't, so you'll need to pray and consider carefully. Whatever you decide, I hope you'll have a Christian family with an honest, kind man someday.

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You have value. You are an intuitive and aware woman, we can already see that.

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I'm single, I'm a bit of a hotty as the women say and I'm not a libtard, I'm just not in California unfortunately... But the point is we're out here, we exist, don't settle for some soy fuck who will make you unhappy and father soy kids who will be fuck ups for the rest of your life, find a hard working man who will love you, take care of you and father and raise your children right, with morals and values that reflect your own!!!

Finding the right man (and woman) is a process, it takes time but there is an equal opposite for everyone out there, by settling for less now, you will miss out on the best just down the road

Have faith and hold tight, the right man will come along at the right moment, until then have fun and enjoy your life

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Gun range gun range gun range.

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Sweetheart - I guarantee you won't respect him, and likely do not now. When a woman loses respect for a man, love dissolves too. If you do not share values, then you will not succeed, it's as simple as that. You can have vastly differing interests and personalities, but if you share the same values, you will be a strong union. If he's liberal and you're not - those are not similar values at all. Godly me are out there honey; if you radiate your values, you'll attract a good one. God Bless.

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listen to your heart and RUN!

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Don't do it. After the wedding, everything bad gets magnified. If there's something you have doubts about now, those will grow into an enormous mountain of anger/regret.
Religion and Politics -- two things you should be on the same page at the beginning of a marriage.

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After the wedding, everything bad gets magnified.

Holy fucking shit, THIS. ^^

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With a heavy heart I have to wonder what "close to being engaged" means and how long you have been dating this man.

You can find serious godly men who want to marry. In my estimation you could start over with a proper man and have kids and probably still be on the same timeline you're on now. A guy in his mid-40s who has his life together isn't going to want to date for three or four years if he's being sincere.

What might take more time is the healing and being ready and receptive to the right relationship. I would recommend looking into some deep 12-Step type recovery work and really straighten out all that inside noise. Just by virtue of asking this question here we can all see that you are a person of value, now you need to learn that it is true.

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I'm available! Lol, but honestly I would leave him reading your comments it sounds kind of like he is slightly emotionally abusive. Threatening to leave someone over politics just shows he is gonna become further radicalized. So Just take the bullet now before it gets out of hand and destroys your life. Do what you feel is right though for you.

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Please, don't waste your life with someone that is not right for you, it's not fair to either of you and you will live with that regret.

33 is not old, the sooner you get out of a relationship that you know is not right, the sooner you can find someone that is right for you.

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I'm 33 myself, will be 34 in a few months. It's not too late yet. But if you pussyfoot around, it will be. I don't say that out of meaness, it's just the truth.

You think you can't leave but you can. I moved to Ontario, NY a couple years back with $500 to my name, found work in the first few days and made it just fine. Then the coof happened. I moved back to MS a few months ago now, again with hardly anything to my name. It's not that I didn't like the area I was in or the work I was doing because I was paid very well as a carpenter. It was the fact that NY, in general, is behind enemy lines at this point.

I have one son who'll be 6 this month. I'd like more children as he was born while I was in prison and I missed a lot of his early life. That may or may not happen, I really don't know.

But take it from a vet who came home, did fuck all for a few years and wound up catching a charge and doing time for dope, it's NEVER too late to make a better life for yourself.

You gotta want it and you gotta go get it. Best of luck to you

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California has the most backwards unfair divorce laws in the entire country - in favor of women. If you get married and he turns out to be horrible to you, you can literally drag him through hell, take all his shit, and he will likely pay alimony for life. See: Dr Dre's divorce.

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I make 4x as much as him. He would get everything

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Then there is literally no reason to get married. He doesn't respect your wishes, his own health, he doesn't respect you. He could be dead within a few years due to the fake vaccine and then you'd be around 35. You wanna waste your last few years of good fertility with him? Even if you get kids out of him, do you want them to be raised by a cuck? What if those kids come out with problems due to him getting the fake vaccine?

2-3 years is more than enough time to meet a real man and have kids. You would have to be blunt and not waste time, if a dude isn't down, onto the next one.

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"2-3 years is more than enough time to meet a real man and have kids."

Agreed. Especially a grounded sincere man a few years ahead of her. He's not going to dick around with 3 years of dating.

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My husband mentioned marriage after we'd been dating three months. First I was a little shocked, but I realized within seconds that, yeah, we were getting married. We were 23 and 24. The only reason we waited so long (3 years) to have kids is we knew he was going to be out of state or overseas for a while with the military.

In your 30s, you're definitely going to know what you want; it's not going to take years of dating to decide whether a person is worth the rest of your life.

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You can move, you are a free woman, your worth is not dependent on him, if you are living with him move out. Stop playin the “woe is me, all is lost”, routine, there is nothing less attractive.

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Dump that which does not feel right. Move to Texas. There you will find him.

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Beating a dead horse, but absolutely do not settle. This guy has a different world view than yours, and supposing you do stay together, you'd be absolutely miserable. What's worse, all the time you're with this guy, is time wasted you could be searching for Mr. Right.

If you can, you definitely should leave Cali. Go to FL or TX or somewhere southeast. Even if you can't, its better to stay single, don't hitch yourself to something you know will make you miserable.

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There is a big world outside of California, even outside of the US. Why live in that commie-infested swamp?

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Ladypede....Im 37. I just got married at 34 and had my 2nd child at 36. There's time. Sometimes God will add to your life by subtraction. If you are having doubts, DO NOT GET MARRIED. Having children complicates everything. Find someone you know you can depend on to raise your kids right and go for it, but don't make bad choices based on desperation. Pray about it. God will give you answers one way or another. Maybe he's already telling you...but you aren't listening.

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She is here asking people she respects, so she is hearing something from her Higher Power.

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Mom advice - Don't do it. If you are having misgivings at this early date, you know this is not the right guy. If you can't tell him exactly what you want and he agree, he is not the one for you.

Has it occurred to you, that you will never find the right guy if you are married to the wrong guy? I married the wrong guy for many of the reasons you stated. I stuck it out for 24 years of misery. Don't be me. Find your happiness before half your life is gone. By the time I found the right guy, I was too old to have his children. Don't make my mistake.

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Damn, you sound like a unicorn in this raccoon riddled society. Make more than him, but stuck in commiefornia. Just left my ex because she insisted on the jab. About to turn 30 and didnt want anymore time spent on a unhappy dead end.

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Sink cost fallacy. Cut the cord. You know what to do.

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These are the most important decisions of your life.

Don't cut any corners.

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I’m 34, recently divorced an extremely liberal man I was married to for 8 years. No kids, but realized the things that matter to me were not the things that matter to him. I dated him in college and thought you were supposed to get married. Turns out life is what we make it, not a series of “supposed to do’s.”

I want a family and a conservative husband who is a partner. I have faith that the right man is out there and know that my life is far better off on this path than married to a man I know I couldn’t build the life I want with. You have to do what’s right for you, but know that you don’t have to settle.

Good luck and God bless, fellow lady pede.

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Don’t marry someone just to have kids! You will spend years in misery! If it isn’t true love w someone whom you really respect admire and who you would WANT to raise children with stay single!

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BlondeBombshell88 [S] 9 points ago +10 / -1

He can’t handle any conflict. We’ve had only 1 fight in almost 2 years of dating, it was right after the stolen election. He threatened to break up with me

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Well that should be a red flag then. Tell him to kick rocks.

I bet he's jabbed.

BlondeBombshell88 [S] 6 points ago +7 / -1

He is, even though I begged and sobbed to him not to get it

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He's a commie.

Don't let your desire to have a child cloud your judgement.

What is your gut telling you?

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I’m not sure why you’re here talking about this. There is not one person here that will tell you to go ahead with marrying this guy. We all think he’s a fag. If you’ve been here for any amount of time you already know the answers your going to get. The guy is a loser. Are you? No, you’re not a loser, so why would you marry one? Do you want your children to be raised by a loser? You don’t have kids yet, so I will tell you that when you have them, their well being both physical and mental is priority #1. So, imagine having children with a partner that you’re already concerned about….why would you put yourself into that position. Start going to church on sundays and see if you find a guy. Drop the loser. Don’t have little loser kids with a loser.

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I'm sorry you have had to go through this. I know staying is comfortable, but he isn't worth it. You need to come to terms with that, and find the courage within you to leave him.

The jab will almost certainly kill him within a decade, if not much sooner. It will likely be a slow and painful death due to degenerative diseases.

Think of your future children. They don't deserve to grow up without a father.

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If he’s jabbed I would never have kids with him if he can even have kids after

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I'm sorry, but, no real man makes a woman beg and sob. The more I hear, the worse it gets.

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ANyone who can threaten to leave you doesn't really love you,,,,Do what the above pedes say,,,leave him,,,find a nice church,,,pray,,,,God will provide ytou with a good man

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I've never been in a fight with my wife. We just listen to each other and have a good comraderie.

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In OP's case, though, the lack of open conflict would not be due to communication and camaraderie. In fact it would be the opposite. Her cuck fag (I'm sorry, but it's true) can't stand to hear any opinions that run counter to MSNBC.

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I'm also 33, met a girl 5 years ago who was a recovering drug addict, and having played most of the Legend of Zelda games, thought that she was a princess who just needed a little saving and then we would have a fairy tale life with a white picket fence and a yard full of kids, nice garden in the backyard, the whole 9 yards. I thought that if I showed her how good a life we could have, she would never have the urge to use again. I kept trying to show her that life, all the while dealing with relapses, stints in county, and coming to the slow realization that I was the only one fighting for that white picket fence. Then she got pregnant, and I thought, surely, the prospect of bringing new life into the world would snap her maternal instincts into gear. And it did, for a bit, but by the time our daughter was born she was on the run from the law. I had to bail her out of jail so I could be there during birth, then spent a week in the NICU because there were opiates in my newborns system. At that point, any sane person would have kicked her to the curb, but I was so infatuated with the idea of having a family that I kept telling myself that it was gonna work out. I wasn't so naive to think that she could take care of our daughter while I was at work, so I moved back in with my folks, and told her I needed 6 months sobriety from her and we could get a house together. She died in December. She had used some dirty needles and poisoned her blood, and I had to watch her feet grow to the size of watermelons and her arms deteriorate to twigs over the course of 6 weeks. Tried taking her to the hospital numerous times, but all they did was give her a bottle of morphine and told us to keep her comfortable. I got to be there when she died. I had the opportunity to forgive her for all the shit she put me through, and I was able to apologize for all my shortcomings, and then she was gone. In the months after her death I've come to terms with the fact that I was trying to project the future I wanted, and that the reason I didn't leave after all the stints in jail, all the lies that come with dating an addict, was because my desire to have that white picket fence was so strong that it blinded me to reality. I thought I was being strong, when in reality I was being weak. I thought I was trying to build a future for our child, when in reality I was putting her future in jeopardy. I'm still going to get that white picket fence, with a big garden in the back, and hopefully I'll meet someone who wants to put a few more kids in the yard with me, but if I would have been strong and honest with myself to begin with, I might already have it. Don't be like me. Don't be weak, don't settle. You owe it to your future kids to have a man who isn't going to back down from a fight, who shares the same views and goals as you, and who isn't brainwashed. Liberalism is just as destructive as heroin, but in a much sneakier way. Liberalism is being addicted to feeling like you're superior to others around you, and can be just as damaging to kids if not more damaging than having a drug addict as a parent. Putting kids on hormone blockers comes to mind. And, if he got the jab, will he want to get the jab into any future children? I know its hard, I know its scary. But you're a conservative living in California. You got this. Do not set your future children up for failure. Be open and honest with yourself. Trust me, I know I'm a random dude from the internet, but you are setting yourself up for a harder than necessary future if you sell yourself short.

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California is about to mandate vaccines so you won't have to worry about raising children, they're about to force sterilize you with ADE therapeutics. So if you plan on staying in California, your future is a nonpoint.

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Don't give up. Yes this state is a hellhole but there are ways to meet conservative guys. Look on Meetup.com for groups that are likely to have Christian or conservative guys come to their meetings.

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I hope you have taken encouragement from these responses. You might consider a Melody Beattie book like "Codependent No More" or "Language of Letting Go." I spent a very long time with an emotionally abusive spouse and these books really helped me to heal so I was ready when the right one came along.

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There are conservatives in California. We are kind of hard to find though.

Although I make no secret that I'm never getting the vaxx, and that I believe in traditional Christian values.

(You might have to look a couple hours north though, we hide in the deserts and farm valleys ;)

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Loves a liberal, won't leave commiefornia, yet posts on this site. Extraordinarily stupid, or troll. If you're here you know what you need to do. DO IT!

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U mean deport?

TheBigGuyJB -8 points ago +1 / -9

Ur a dope