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Any New England Yankees can give any insight into the political atmosphere up there? What are the chance to break the solid democrat hold on that area of the country? It seems Massachusetts and Rhode Island and Connecticut are no chance of flipping, New Hampshire and Maine are basically already red states held in the Dem hold through some fuckery, and Vermont can go either way. Like I know Vermont has a Republican governor, but hes a gun grabber and anti-MAGA cunt.

This is just my reading of it not being from there. Either way, how do we make some foothold in this area and what are the chances of it?

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Cyber1776 [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Either way, I encourage any New Englander to get involved with Operation GOP Takeover

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CT is wimpy blue - 4 cities make it blue, without those Trump would have won in 2016. it would be purple. last year the covid fear porn brainwashed so many,

Cyber1776 [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Litchfield and Windham are solid red counties. Tolland, New Haven, New London, and Middlesex counties seem like they might be up for grabs. I think the main obstacle is that Democrats completely run the state. Every major office along with both the state senate and house are theirs, and while I definitly think Biden won the state, theres no doubt there was some fuckery going on where he got a million fucking votes.

cicero21 1 point ago +1 / -0

agreed, a true MAGA could not win, but a light republican could win - not ideal but if there is strong national MAGA government there could be progress made.

couranto 1 point ago +1 / -0

NH is the reddest of New England. Big NASCAR, guns, libertarian streak - even Dems.

Lot of cheating up here keeps Dems in power especially in federal races. The Secretary of State is a Dem and basically has been in office since Abe Lincoln’s first term.

Maine is turning redder and away from the RINOs.

Maine and NH are the best states overall - quality of life. Beautiful mountains, beaches, four seasons

Vermont has lots of Republicans and hunters but the colleges overwhelm the state and the Dems are hardcore commies unlike Dems in NH who are more moderate libertarian on the whole.

Mass is a lost cause. Western mass and cape cod are the most Republican of state.

RI is becoming more Republican. CT is red except Hartford and the other big cities. Although they’re Republicans are less MAGA I think.

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Forget Vermont, it may as well be East Russia. Maine and NH are red but being manipulated. Mass is still living off the Kennedy name and politically corrupt. Rhode Island has been run by a mafia for decades and Connecticut is too heavy with leaches in their big cities and New York influence in the SW part of the State so pretty much a waste too

crypticusername 1 point ago +1 / -0

Very unlikely. Any Republicans up here are "moderate" aka, RINOs. It's the least religious part of the country, so it's hard to appeal to voters on moral grounds.

Cyber1776 [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I get the religion aspect, but isnt there some sort of hardy, Yankee, Protestant work ethic sort of thing to appeal to up there? Like people who just want to be left alone and live their quite comfy lives that are being destroyed by this psycho freak leftist big city political machines that want to tax them to death, fill their towns with third world refugees, and overall destroy their quality of life.

I think a lot of it might just be out of habit, voting for the guy with the D next to his name because thats the way its always been. But what if we expose the dem party as one of American hating freaks that want to turn New England into a sewer.

crypticusername 1 point ago +1 / -0

Southern New England has a large minority population and several large cities so they tend to vote Democrat anyway. Unless they were destroyed like Minneapolis you'd have an uphill battle trying to win as a republican at the federal level.

On the other hand, Northern New England is one of the least diverse parts of the country and doesn't have big cities, so logically it should be a GOP stronghold, so why isn't it? I think there are a couple factors:

  1. Religion is less important
  2. Higher proportion of people have college degrees, so you have that indoctrination
  3. Since the northern states are less diverse, they don't deal with leftist city psychos. New Englanders aren't as worried as much about potential problems as they are current ones, so until we get overrun by psychos, you'll still have a large proportion of democrats.

So yeah, there is potential for Republicans to win in NE, NH and Maine are the most friendly states. If the national democratic party drifts more towards communism, you could expect republicans to be the more ideal candidate to New Englanders (except Vermont).

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I am from NH living in NY for Work, but I will be moving back there in 3 years, I think NH is Red and there is cheating. My in-laws are from Vermont but they voted Bernie, Vermont may never go red, too many liberals from NY who work in Albany live in Vermont, the lower western corner of the state.