Germany knows whats up (media.patriots.win)
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Bruh the Germans were whining about Trump lol.

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I was surprised Lebron ranked higher than Kim. But, makes sense since Kim stays pretty quiet.

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Anyone who doesn't think China is pulling the strings isn't paying attention.

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They just put LeBron's picture over President Trump's.

Some 41% of Germans said they thought Trump was the most dangerous out of the five world leaders.

In second place was Kim with 17%, followed by Putin and Khamenei with 8%. Coming in last was China's Xi with 7%.

Over 2,000 people in Germany took part in the survey, which was commissioned by news agency dpa.

A similar YouGov poll was carried out in July last year, in which 48% of Germans surveyed said Trump was more dangerous than Kim and Putin. That poll, however, did not include the leaders of Iran or China.


The picture here is funny, as long as people know it is a joke picture.

Also, Germans are not nice, they caused a couple of World Wars but are still surveyed about their thoughts on "World Peace"?