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Over the last couple of days I have seen courageous people give up their livelihood on principle and I have come to terms that I will do the same if things catch up to me. I am in a red state but my company just instated mask mandates again and they were already discriminating against people who didnt report they got the vaccine before. No doubt the vaccine mandates are coming.

I just bought a house and I have a wife but after thinking about it how can I tell my future generation thats I didnt stand against government forced experiments and tyranny. This is the final line in the sand, I am ready to give up everything but Ill make them pry me out. God is with you all that have the courage to make a stand. I have no doubt that history will remember those who resisted as correct.

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one3five 140 points ago +141 / -1

i hope you won't have to make that choice but it indeed is the right one

rupok2 [S] 136 points ago +136 / -0

I have come to terms with the scenario. I fully believe in god and that he will take care of us some way, he always has and he always will.

Rainman 9 points ago +9 / -0

Get a religious exemption but bear in mind if you don't believe in it God will probably smack you around... just sayin'