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It's a loser. The FDA is fast-tracking approval for the Pfizer vax and should be done next month. Regardless, if you don't believe that, the vax will still get approval on an expedited timeline and then the argument is moot. Any exemption you may get because of this argument will then be revisited again.

The REAL argument against a mandatory vax is the human one. It's your fucking body, they don't own it or you, and if they can force you under duress to take the vax then they are your master. If they can fire you or prevent you from full interaction with society, then they are your master. Tell these fucking NAZIs to fuck off. Call them NAZIs to their faces. Dr. Joseph Mengela did medical experiments on Jews (mostly children and twins) in a concentration camp against their will. He compelled them to do it. Because of him, the world wrote laws banning pressuring people to undergo medical treatment 60+ years ago. The people who think you are "selfish" for not taking the vax are fucking NAZI scum and are evil, so tell them to their face. Call them out to their face. If you are in front of an HR person trying to compel you to take the vax under pressure call them NAZI scum and inform them of the times governments pressured people into medical treatment. Inform them of the Tuskegee experiments and the Nazi experiments. Tell them it's your body and you are healthy so fuck off. Inform them that you will sue them for everything if they fire you or retaliate in any way over this. Masks? Lots of jobs require a mask and I have no problem wearing one at work but you may and that's your business. I just won't support your argument about it so no biggie. If your work requires a hard hat or gloves or that you don't wear a tie or long sleeves, or must use a ventilator or mask, I don't care. Don't like it? I understand, get another job. It's just clothing and accessories and isn't my personhood and it is not a star of David designed to segregate you from society. But compel me to inject myself with chemicals when I'm perfectly healthy and it's war and I don't care if it has FDA approval or not.

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when has something being illegal stopped them so far?

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It hasn’t.... and yet they continue down this path, they destroyed the control group too, all credibility about this can be thrown right out the window