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What penalty does every General/Admiral/Commander-In-Chief/ETC face for losing the type of arsenal we left in Afghanistan?

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Promotion and a book deal?

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double kek!

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Thank you for serving!!!!!!

tentigers99 [S] 9 points ago +10 / -1

It was my honor to serve.

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A lot if the citizens in our country just don't realize, the reason they can act like they do and say the shit they do is because people like you. Thank you for your service its my biggest regret to not have served even though with my medical problems I probably could not have I didn't even try they won't even let me be a cop. I was to busy getting fucked up chasing whores that were just as fucked up as me. But now that I have been sober for 16 years I realize what I should have been doing. But I do feel extremely sorry for anyone who wants to serve now under the clowns in charge.

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Sua sponte, brother!

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RLTW! Sua Sponte.

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sounds accurate.

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Probably 10%.

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For The Big Guy

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Cushy board position.

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Fren, it’s the same across the entire acquisition process. Lose a laptop at the base level? Some poor lieutenant’s gonna spend a month working on a Report of Survey and the dumbass E-2 who lost it is gonna get their pay docked. Spend $800 million dollars on a piece of software that doesn’t work? Big big points on your next performance report.

The problem is that the bigger the amount being spent, the higher up in the chain the oversight is. But eventually, you get to oversight that consists only of elected officials and some office at the Pentagon. That makes all large ticket items political.

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This is the correct comment. Nobody gets court martialed for losing equipment. NJP at worst. If you're otherwise pretty squared away you'll get a counseling and maybe some unofficial extra duty. I've seen it a dozen times.

On the other hand, do it more than once then all bets are off.

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A strongly worded letter?

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I watched an Al Jazeera video last night following a Taliban at Kabul Airport carrying an M4 with ACOG talking about pushing into the airport soon. As an Afghanistan veteran and a tax payer with many kids close to military age, what...the fuck?!?!?! I am fucking livid.

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They got the peq15s also

Redleg37 7 points ago +7 / -0

No you wouldn’t. You would get an article 15. All your soldiers would hate you for making them look for it for the next three days straight.

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low crawling, shoulder to shoulder...while your platoon sgt had it secured somewhere out of sight, lol

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To be fair…isn’t losing your rifle different than being ordered to abandon an area in a SHTF situation?

tentigers99 [S] 12 points ago +12 / -0

In my humble opinion, giving my rifle to my enemy to use against my brothers and sisters is treason. I find the circumstances different if my superiors ordered me to give my weapon away. I don't blame the warriors for being ordered to do what they did. I would expect my officers and Commander in Chief to use a higher standard or at least accept accountability/responsibility for arming my enemy to help kill my brothers and sisters in very large numbers.

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That’s a great point. Plus, it’s not like we don’t have the capability of destroying the arsenal being left behind. It’s not like we don’t have hundreds of thousands of different missiles that could have been sent and/or bombs that could have dropped to at least prevent the equipment from being usable.

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Oh buddy, wait until you find out that the entire military expeditionary equipment management process has been built around the model that see the Navy dump tons of shit in the ocean every year…

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One of my first jobs was delivering lumber for a small family owned, one location yard. We delivered truckloads of lumber to the local base. We basically dumped it in a field, where it was allowed to rot away. We also had the same program with some other government installations. I can only imagine the waste the higher up you go. Ive also worked in state owned buildings, places where they dont serve the public, just drones working there. On a typical day, maybe 5-10% of employees were in the building. Ive also worked for years in developments where the majority of owners were dual income state workers. The weekdays look like the weekend. Even in days they work, they are there when you arrive, and back before you leave.

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I know they did that after WW2 and Vietnam (watching videos of UH-1 Hueys getting pushed overboard was fucking depressing), but are they still doing that today?

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Literally shit, or figuratively shit?

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Oh yeah, someone else here gets it. A SM loses an "experimental MRE" and the post is locked down and that SM will feel the full brunt of the UCMJ. Some 0-6 loses an entire aviation battalion worth of aircraft and it's "Oh well, that sucks....dinner at the O Club at 18:30". Folks are going to be enlightened in less than a month that the military has 2 different sets of justice/accountability and they will be outraged because for a very long time, the American People have always believed the military to be the bastion of justice and accountability. Wait til they learned they have been played......

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The USG gave it away on purpose. Search "Lara Logan Tucker" for her breakdown on Pakistan's "Taliban".

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Nah man we had an Lt that broke multiple M4s. They just started making making him pay for replacements

Redleg37 5 points ago +5 / -0

There is a replacement cost that can be split between everyone responsible which usually includes the soldier, perhaps an arms room officer or and/or armorer, 1SG, and commander.

A m16 circa 2003 was approximately $400 replacement cost. So that would be divided into all the responsible parties as determined by whatever the investigators decided. They could also decide not to make the entire cost repaid.

For example, I was an armorer. Someone did something stupid and a MK19 got run over by a 5 ton. I ended up being responsible for like $300 of the $17,000 replacement cost but it was waived after I produced witness statements proving I had nothing to do with it.

MeesterNeusbaum86 4 points ago +4 / -0

"MK19 got run over by a 5 ton"


Redleg37 6 points ago +6 / -0

Bent it in half like a pretzel.

Fun story. We turned it in all official like. Over a year later I was sitting in my arms room and a CID agent came in asking if I knew anything about it. Some infantry found it inside a hit in Iraq. Fortunately (a god thing I suspect) I had just been looking at the paperwork that morning from when we turned it in.

Agent took the paperwork, said thank you, and left. I always wonder what happened with it.

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How do you repeatedly break rifles? Fill them with concrete and try to fire? Use them as makeshift golf clubs?

MeesterNeusbaum86 6 points ago +6 / -0

Be in a bradley and not put them in the clip, then traverse the turret. Over and over

Edit: Bradleys are armored personnel carriers with a turret.the gunner and TC are in the turret. The turret has clips for you to stow your rifle in. If you don't stow your rifle properly, it can fall into the hatch, then get broken when the turret rotates

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Yeah, but you're not part of the uniparty.

The uniparty is the beginnings of the american communist party.

We're more fucked than people know.

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So, convene a grand jury.

Auslander 2 points ago +2 / -0

Losing something denotes it was accidental. They didn’t oopsie and leave that much behind. Not just gear but prisons full of high value targets. It is beyond the pale to think that all across Afghanistan every commander just decided on their own to go against doctrine. This wasn’t a passive failure, it was actively done.

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Complete protection offered by the MSM.

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Your bad. You should have joined the Capitol Police,

MythArcana 2 points ago +2 / -0

Why didn't DC cop Byrd get fired for leaving his firearm in a public bathroom?

Wess-mantooth 2 points ago +2 / -0

nobody on or off post, all passes revoked for 100% personnel accountability

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The people that run the world told them to do it.

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A promotion

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As an airman, I know I will face a court martial for refusing to take a vaccine that will hurt me. :(

chinita_atx 1 point ago +2 / -1

None. When all are guilty/complicit, none will be held accountable.

DocOneToo 1 point ago +1 / -0

Nobody gets court martialed for losing a damn rifle. Knock it off.

tentigers99 [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

ok, missing the point. there is a price to pay for the average grunt. better?

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Imagine all the green gear lost..

GhostOfTheRepublic 1 point ago +1 / -0

wasn't lost....it was gifted; sad to say.

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It wasn't lost, it is all part of a plan, everything happens for a reason.

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The Leftist Credo:

"Rules for thee, but not for me."

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I think we need a thousand spools of 550 cord. the Gens need the ultimate lesson in drag-it-dont-drop-it.

Cifu 1 point ago +2 / -1

Well it's pretty straight forward that in military operations a soldiers weapon is his most important piece of equipment. And yes if you lose them then questions must be asked.

That said there needs to be military trails starting yesterday on how and why the US military under orders left massive amounts of weapons, including tanks and aircraft in a situation where they were not pressed to leave them.

It needs to go all the way up to the top brass. Generals and private citizens (politicians) need to be held accountable for this. The finger points to the commander in chief!

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The same penalties they'll get for killing 6 kids on accident.


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Get a rope.

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As much as you can carry!