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Hey Pedes, I don’t usually share info online about my personal life so I will try to stay unspecific. I’m just starting college and was told in an email by the covid gestapo (with pronouns in signature) that if I and the rest of vaccine exempt people don’t get vaccinated, we will have to get tested twice a week starting mid-October if not sooner. Apparently 80% of the school has had at least 1 vaccine dose and that could get higher once more people submit proof of vaccination (17% haven’t submitted proof of vaccination or their exemption as of a few days ago). My parents, friends, and I are very mad about this, and I am considering leaving after this first week. My parents and I can be refunded fully if I leave first week, 2nd week get around half $ back, etc.

I’m coming from a based private high school that isn’t requiring masks this year, though the state might try to force them to. I finished with a 4.2 GPA and got a pretty good scholarship to a decent college which I am commuting to. I never liked school, but I am a good student I would say. I’ve talked to my parents and my good friend/patriot about whether to leave, and last night my mom was so frustrated that she sent an email to the president stating how she thinks it's ridiculous and makes no sense. The president replied nicely but said how it’s city orders.

I’m just frustrated and am uncertain if I’m doing the right thing by leaving. If I do leave, I hope I’m doing the right thing by standing up to their crap because it will never end otherwise. Maybe I could try to fake a vaccine card or something, but then I will still be giving money to a school doing this. We asked them if I could keep my scholarship if I withdraw now to possibly return the next year if things are better. We haven’t heard back yet.

My youngest siblings are going to be home schooled for at least the first part of this school year because their school is requiring masks. My dad might also lose his job at J&J. He submitted a pretty good religious exemption letter, but we aren’t sure if it will work and if it does whether he will have to get tested weekly too. I also want to be clear that there is no way I’m ever going to get the vaccine and that’s not up for debate in my mind. Thanks for reading if you made it after my mile-long rant. This website has given me hope in the world and a ton of laughs daily since I discovered it last November. If you have any ideas or advice let me know please.

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It's very unfortunate having to collectively put our lives on hold for over a year; even more so that those of us who are awake to the bullshit will have to go on a bit longer and make even more sacrifices because we live in clown world.

If it were me, I'd quit and get the money back. Even if they won't give your scholarship back later, you'll be sacrificing potentially far more by giving in to their demands; your health, your character, and your principles are more important that getting an education right now instead of in a year or two.