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  • Massive Increase in Local Political Involvement (9/3)


ProPublica contacted GOP leaders in 65 key counties, and 41 reported an unusual increase in signups since Bannon’s campaign began. At least 8,500 new Republican precinct officers (or equivalent lowest-level officials) joined those county parties. We also looked at equivalent Democratic posts and found no similar surge.

Those are rookie numbers! We gotta pump those numbers up!



  • Audit Update from Kelly Townsend (9/3)

From her telegram:

Okay, please don't shoot the messenger. The good news is, our auditors are successfully recovering from covid and are back at work preparing the report. As for the report, I am glad to hear that at least it will be produced within the next week or two. From that point, the Judiciary committee will meet and will go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. I will keep everyone posted to the extent I am able to disclose information. We are moving forward.


  • MCBOS Still has not Responded to Senate FIOA for Communications (9/3)

From Karen Fann’s Twitter:

Uh no. Maricopa County has not given us any of their text and emails we asked for over a month ago. We sent foia requests for BOS , Adrian Fontes, Steven Richer, Dominion and others. Senate has turned in over 20 k documents but crickets from them


  • Tell Brnovich to Enforce the Subpoenas (9/3)

If MCBOS continues to defy both the Senate’s subpoenas and FIOA, then he is not properly enforcing the law. Apparently, fiscal penalties are not enough of an incentive to comply with the subpoenas. They must comply or face criminal punishment just as any other AZ citizen would. Does he support a two-tiered justice system?

Contact AG Mark Brnovich:


[email protected]


  • LD28 Needs Precinct Committeemen (9/3)

They only have until Oct 25 to recruit approx. 110 more PCs. You can volunteer here:




  • ”Election Security Experts” Call for Audit of Recall (9/3)




  • Effingham County Added to Grand Jury List (9/3)

From Kandiss Taylor:

Thursday is for Effingham County, GA. Grand jury petition served. This is getting interesting. I’ve been accused of siccing my “people” on county election GOP officials. I don’t “sic” people on people. FYI. The people are in charge in case you didn’t know.


  • Raffensperger Recall (9/3)

From Amy Kremer’s Twitter:

Here we go!

Just received the application and need 100 signatures to sponsor the recall of Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger

We plan to have sponsors/signers from all 159 counties

If you are a GA voter and want to help #recallbrad, sign up at http://bit.ly/recallbrad

Nitter link: https://nitter.nixnet.services/AmyKremer/status/1433507028660637703#m


  • Dominion Sponsors SOS Election Conference (9/3)




  • MI Rep. Jack O' Malley Lying About Matt DePerno (9/3)




  • Las Vegas Walk-Out Campaign Beginning on Sept 7 in Response to Vax Mandate (9/3)




  • State Laws Allow Parents to Overrule School Boards (9/3)



  • Send Evidence of Political Indoctrination in NH Classrooms (9/3)




  • Pennsylvania Lawmakers File Legal Challenge to Mail-In Voting Law (9/3)

Fourteen Pennsylvania GOP representatives are asking the Commonwealth Court to declare provisions that enable voting by mail without excuse unconstitutional and block state officials from distributing, collecting, or counting no-excuse mail-in ballots in future elections. The Republican-controlled legislature in 2019 passed Act 77, which dramatically changed Pennsylvania Election Code, including letting anybody vote by mail.

Here is their petition: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/21054065-pennsylvania-lawmakers-petition-against-mail-in-voting-law


  • Corman’s Whistleblower Website + More Hearings (9/3)


Round and round we go....

From the PA Senate GOP facebook page:

Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee Invites Public to Submit Sworn Testimony in Election Investigation

HARRISBURG – The Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee has created a special webpage for Pennsylvania residents to submit sworn testimony regarding problems they have personally experienced with the state’s election system, according to Committee Chair Senator Cris Dush (R-Jefferson).

As part of the committee’s comprehensive election integrity investigation, Dush is encouraging voters to come forward if they have witnessed voter irregularities or other election improprieties firsthand.

The information will help lawmakers develop potential improvements to state law to bolster election security. Pennsylvanians can share their stories and contact information at: https://intergovernmental.pasenategop.com/electioninvestigation/.

Dush noted that testimony is only being accepted from Pennsylvania residents, and the infractions must have been witnessed in person or affected the state resident personally. In addition, members of the public should submit testimony on the webpage only if they are comfortable signing an affidavit and potentially testifying under oath at a Senate committee hearing under penalty of perjury.

In addition, Dush said his committee is in the process of scheduling a hearing to be held with the Department of State to examine the impact of last-second guidance sent to counties before the 2020 General Election.

The new webpage and upcoming hearing are part of a much broader investigation into the 2020 General Election and 2021 Primary Election. Dush announced today that the committee plans to hold public hearings, create a publicly accessible webpage with information and updates about the investigation, and request documents from counties and the Department of State to conduct a comprehensive election investigation – including potentially using the committee’s subpoena powers.



  • WEiCU Announces Lawsuit for a Full Forensic Audit in WA (9/3)




  • List of Various Upcoming Events (9/3)

This telegram channel lists local protests or other events. Much of it is covid related, but they include other conservative events as well.



  • American Oversight’s Public Records Request for Justice Gableman (9/3)



  • Possible Budgeting for Gableman’s Investigation (9/3)



  • HOT Wisconsin Suggests Volunteering with These Orgs (9/3)

From HOT Wisconsin:

Citizens are looking for information on where to sign up for canvassing? I would start here by volunteering to see the next direction:


Also, Look Ahead America has already done some canvassing in WI and is always looking for volunteers.

Check them out as well:


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PorchLightOn 26 points ago +28 / -2

9-2-21 Jovan Pultizer on Locals: Where did the fraudulent ballots come from? How were they inserted into the voting system?

Pulitzer’s last podcast talked about TrueTheVote’s investigation, revealing routes of ballot traffickers stuffing ballot drop boxes. His new one focuses on where the ballots came from, mirroring the PILF study below about undeliverable and missing ballots in 2020: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/08/27/public-interest-legal-foundation-wisconsin-mail-ballots-went-missing-undeliverable/

Jovan explains how these ballots were gathered and filled out for Biden. This ability to skim legitimate ballots “lost” in the postal system is why mail in ballots are dangerous, and the number of “lost” ballots is growing.

In 2016, Wisconsin had 158,846 mail in ballots. Of that, 12984 were “undeliverable/unaccounted for.”

In 2020, Wisconsin had 1.4 million mail in ballots. Of that, 82766 were “undeliverable/unaccounted for.”

Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in Wisconsin was 20682. They only needed to intercept 25% of the “missing” 82766 envelopes to fabricate enough votes to put Biden over the top in Wisconsin. This is what they did in many states.

These aren't counterfeit ballots; they’re legitimate, just not legally voted. If election officials know how to collect these “lost” ballots, they can be inserted into the election count, by loading them into ballot drop boxes before election day, or quietly delivering them in trucks at 1AM on election night.

How are they collected? An honest homeowner could receive multiple ballots at his home, and he could return the ones with incorrect names to the mailman. The mailman could pocket those instead of returning them to the post office.

Or, a dishonest homeowner could allow multiple phony names to be registered at his house; those ballots are valuable. Jovan’s heard of ballots being sold for amounts from $50 to $1000. A nefarious homeowner involved in the rig could generate thousands in income.

Or, a dishonest Dem operative could assign ten fake registrations to a house or apartment with only one resident. A mailman in on the rig would know which of the ten ballots belonged to the real resident, so he could deliver the correct one, and pocket the other nine. If that mailman serves 1000 homes, he now has a valuable surplus of ballots, to be turned in to Dem groups for multiple thousands of dollars.

The numbers of illegitimate ballots have to be managed. To hide the steal, they want just enough to barely win at the last minute. So they need a reason to stop counting the legitimate ballots on election night, to quickly assess how many illegitimate ballots need to be inserted into the system. To buy that time, they arrange an emergency that forces them to stop the count, like a broken water pipe.

More Trump votes came through on Nov 3 than they'd expected, so they had to insert large numbers of illegitimate Biden ballots at the last minute, causing the spikes in Biden votes we witnessed in battleground states.

Jovan says at the same time they’re adding in the illegitimate Biden ballots, they’re removing and discarding the legitimate Trump ballots, to arrive at the ratio needed to win.

He points out that these high levels of “missing” or “unaccounted for” ballots have been purposefully built up over the years, by Secretaries of State that refuse to clean their voter rolls for this very reason.

He says Biden managed to gather 15 million votes more than the “rock stars” of the Dem party, Obama and Clinton, and Jovan says it’s no coincidence that there were 15 million ballots "unaccounted for" in the 2020 election.

Covid provided the excuse to add ballot drop boxes. They overprinted the number of ballots, waived signature matching, and didn’t use tracking on the ballots. So they created an excess store of ballots as an insurance policy that could be used as needed to change the balance of votes.

Jovan says the lost ballots are skimmed from the system the same way a dishonest cashier skims and pockets money from a cash register. But in this case, the dishonest cashiers were the postal workers. They had the most to gain, and were the most knowledgable about where these ballots were, and how to collect them. They’re integral to the cheat. He points out it’s not hard to sort a voter database by address, to find the duplicate addresses. That would allow someone to know where the ballots with fake registrations were going, so they were ready to be intercepted, and passed to another group to fill out for Biden.

Jovan’s not saying this is the only way they stole the election, but it's critical to understand the various methods used. If we understand how they cheated, we can explain it to others. The media won't share this information, no matter what audit results reveal. We have to help others understand what happened here. If we don’t, it will happen again.

War_Hamster 14 points ago +16 / -2

Also, let's not forget what we discovered about how they sued and settled to get access to all of the swing state voter registration databases, dead and moved voters included.

War_Hamster 12 points ago +14 / -2

Kinda scary when Jovan's long-winded opinion matches mine:


ShyRipley 6 points ago +6 / -0

In 2020, Wisconsin had 1.4 million mail in ballots. Of that, 82766 were “undeliverable/unaccounted for.”

Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in Wisconsin was 20682. They only needed to intercept 25% of the “missing” 82766 envelopes to fabricate enough votes to put Biden over the top in Wisconsin.

I think the 25% to put Biden over the top in Wisconsin as explained by Jovan works IF enough Trump votes were discarded/destroyed/not counted in order to even out the actual legal Biden votes until the margin was practically.

However, with all the "record turnout and votes cast" numbers in 2020 and the lack of a fervent Biden base, I feel many more of them had to potentially be used, among other things like shredding Trump ballots, in order to keep padding the legit Biden numbers UP until they reached the number needed for just 20,000 more for a "decisive" win.

Just a little bit that made me think.

Say what you will about Pulitzer, this was a real good rundown on one of the possible methods of cheating and fraud. He covered all bases on how those “undeliverable/unaccounted for" mail in ballots could be skimmed and used.

Thank you very much for the write up.

PorchLightOn 3 points ago +3 / -0

One of the things that bugs me a bit is I'd like to know how Trump ballots were discarded/destroyed, while Biden ballots were added.

Do you have any memories of pollwatchers or pollworkers seeing somebody separating out Trump ballots? I don't think I do, but I'm losing brain cells by this point.

We did have the shredded ballots that were found outside the Maricopa counting center, retrieved from the dumpster, and those did appear to be from 2020. Sadly I think they didn't end up in the right hands, in the right time frame, to preserve any value as evidence. I don't even know what happened to them.

Anyway, it bugs me not to have some inkling of how they might have removed Trump ballots from the mix, at some point in the process. If that did happen. Jovan didn't speculate on that.

CrackerJack2 4 points ago +4 / -0

You don't have, as of now, at least in Georgia, even bother to physically pull out the Trump votes.
All they had to do is digitally edit the images of the absentee ballots.
It's been over 10 months with no one physically seeing a single absentee ballot, except Ruby Freeman, Ralph Jones, and some low life's from the Georgia' S.o.S's office.

But by now, after 10 months, they've had enough time to hire 1,000 CHICOMS to help them manufacture all the ballots needed.

PorchLightOn 2 points ago +2 / -0

If they have messed with the Fulton County absentee ballots, I would think the forensic document experts they have lined up will be able to tell something isn't right. I don't think the bad guys had any idea that a GA judge would ever allow access to the physical ballots. I hope we find out soon.

ShyRipley 2 points ago +2 / -0

Ha! I think your brain cells and my brain cells have gone off to the bar for happy hour or something.

I remember that video of the dude opening envelopes, looking at the ballot as he smoothed it out and getting really angry, slapping it down in a pile.

I remember the shredded ballots in Maricopa. I kinda remember shredded ballots, or rather ballots being picked up BY a shredding company truck, in Fulton County GA I think.

There was also that theory that mailmen picking up envelopes in known Republican areas would then just toss them along the route. I kinda remember a vid or photo of that... in a tiny creek or ditch or something?

Yeah, how would one... well, if all counting is shut down because "things" overnight, who knows what happened inside the counting centers while we had vid of trucks coming in at like 3 am in the back.

Dear Jovan, we speculate too but have hit a brick wall. Please speculate this for us while our brains are off partying.

PorchLightOn 4 points ago +4 / -0

Nice, thank you for those points. Yes, I watched those videos of people frantically calling, trying to get police or someone to document and/or stop the shredding company trucks from leaving the counting center. Also, I just found this GP article, with Jovan sounding the alarm about shredding trucks in Fulton County, back in December. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/breaking-big-jovan-pulitzer-says-georgia-destroying-fulton-county-evidence-supposed-scanning-video/

BostonVoter 4 points ago +4 / -0

This needs its own post / thread ! This must be seen!

PorchLightOn 4 points ago +4 / -0

Honestly, I can't figure out how to boil this down so it's concise enough to be consumed by most pedes. I know the above is too long, but it took me about an hour to figure out how to boil down Jovan's hour long podcast to this comment.

The above made sense to me, because ProfessorOak had already alerted us to TrueTheVote's investigation into drop box-stuffing; and u/maga_mama_757 had already alerted us to the PILF article about "lost ballots", so Jovan's comments were like Chapter 3 of a continuing story.

I can't figure out how to make this bite-sized, so it makes sense outside of our daily audit group here. (Does that make sense?) I'll try to think more.

libertyhominid 4 points ago +4 / -0

If this is a mechanism of fraud, then I think live mail-in ballots would be collected at or before they reach mail distribution centers, or after they come back from voters to the distribution center and they get gathered together to go in as a dump to election authorities. I really don’t think this would operate SYSTEMICALLY where end-point addressees would be in on such fraud, unless there are a large amount of people requesting and receiving what would be huge amounts of ballots all at the same address. If this is a mechanism then it’s got to be at the postal worker/distribution level.

War_Hamster 3 points ago +3 / -0

You are spot on. In this modern age where mail gets scanned once it reaches the sorting center, the gaping hole in the chain-of-custody is from your mailbox to that center; ergo the mail carriers.

Sadly, many USPS workers are card carrying communists (like all public sector unions) and they are more than capable of doing this en masse. We've even caught several of them discarding ballots, among other unscrupulous practices.

PorchLightOn 4 points ago +4 / -0

And I think the mail carriers aren't alone; I suspect the rot goes all the way up the chain. It's been too many months since I viewed the Veritas videos about the whistleblower postal worker being interrogated by the US Postal Service Inspector. But my memory is, he felt like he was on trial, and that getting to the truth of what happened was the last thing the Inspector was worried about.

War_Hamster 4 points ago +4 / -0

That's absolutely the case. The foot soldiers don't organize without someone above approving, directing, and protecting them.

War_Hamster 1 point ago +1 / -0

Here's a fun find on this topic:

(Go to the 38:00 minute mark)


The ballots came in USPS boxes but weren't delivered by the USPS. Can anyone explain this one to me?