I got the Coof, again..... 😷  CHINA VIRUS  😷
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I beat this shit in November, I'm going to beat this damn Chinese invented flu now, without the jab; because it's literally a common cold.

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TeachingHistory92 [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Not going to lie, all this stuff that has been going on has brought me much closer to God, guess we were the gifted ones to see through the facade...

elitebingo 2 points ago +2 / -0

Gifted is the new word for having a fucking brain.

The strange, contradictory nature of it all, at the start, the lack of any sense of things adding up, you could see the effort early, to inflate numbers... the hysteria over HCQ after Trumpy mentioned it... that wasn't normal. No true pandemic would have people actively running interference on possible cures. The hospitals that were empty... and very early you could see this, and I'd bought the CCP propaganda of people collapsing, well, more their hospital footage and the doctor who ended up dying... that was quite the compelling saga... Then protocols didn't add up. Lockdowns and spacing etc but you'd be seeing constant contradictions or cut corners. Either we are fighting for our lives or we are not. But June and those who had political immunity from coof... I was done. And boy... there is little satisfaction to be had from knowing this truth. (Oh, except for those funny twatter threads people put together of the indoctrinated trying not to die from their clotshots.)

TeachingHistory92 [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

LOL I mean do you expect an argument, it's sad it's come to this, we are seeing good vs. evil truly play out.

Least we will be able to look back after this is all said and done going we did the right thing, and our children and grandchildren will be protected since we could truly figure out the bullshit they were feeding us.

Something tells me, this clot shot, is forming up to be some kind of super cancer and we will see mass death within 3 to 5 years, just enough time for them to deflect it was something else, not the jab.

elitebingo 1 point ago +1 / -0

I'm thinking, if they succeed in their fascist coup on our countries, in 5 years the truth won't matter, we will be subjugated so... who cares what we think?

That the t-cell damage from the ADE hinders your body's ability to fight cancer, that the SPs inflammatory action inspires cancer... it is a race... dementia or cancer first? Cancer seems to have a strong lead, thus far. Ryan Cole, the pathologist, he said he's already seeing more uterine cancer... that's in 8 months.

The idea that you submit so you can get lifestyle back... the society I'm picturing... I'd rather be dead. The people under regimes endure and not much else.

The young woman from North Korea who managed to get out and said US Universities were nuttier than Nth Korea with their propaganda and mind control, said something so sad. Her mother told her not to even whisper, because the birds and mice can hear. That's how we will be living.

The most successful weapon of the Ministry of Truth, presently, is people STILL think it's about a virus and that belief is enfolded into partisan politics.