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Half of me is happy the other half feels like complete dog shit. You guys are almost exclusively the only frens I have left. Its fucking lonely out here pedes.

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I appreciate the kind words of encouragement fellow pedes!

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You got this, pede! Focus on yourself and your kids, the rest will fall into place. God bless!

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A local church can be a great place to meet people and surround yourself with people who will care for you and your mental and spiritual health during this time. Also, most churches are packed full of single ladies of all ages who are based and looking for non-liberal man.

RegularAmerican 3 points ago +3 / -0

Just be careful there are some liberal lunatics at some churches

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hit the gym, lawyer up, delete facebook!

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Wanted to add something - highjacking this post. I have experience with family court in AZ (everything is 50-50 unless one parent is a criminal/drug addict- extreme exceptions only). Idk what state you’re in, but make sure there’s a clause in your parenting agreement that allows you to raise your kids according to your religion. You can use the religion card to exempt them from the vax (based on aborted fetal tissue in the vaccine, etc) and it just might hold up in court because of that. Make sure, above all else, that you get a good lawyer. Not just a ruthless lawyer, but a genuine one who won’t string you along for months because they’re getting paid. I wish you the best OP. And please message me if you need to! I’m a lady pede FYI, don’t let the name fool you!