Governor Kristi Noem - South Dakota (twitter.com) SAVE SOUTH DAKOTA
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paulryan123 18 points ago +55 / -37

You all criticized Noem for not forcing private businesses to implement our agenda, but today proves EXACTLY why Noem is right...the precedent that the GOP would set by banning private businesses from implementing their own restrictions would by default allow Joe Biden to do what he is doing right now, which is use the private corps to force his policies down people's throats. Noem was right with her libertarian approach. Anybody that shits on her for doing what she did just becomes exactly what we criticize these leftist tyrants of doing.

My point is that the govt forcing private businesses to do something is communism and dictatorial. Whether the government is forcing the business to implement a left or right wing agenda, it is blatantly unconstitutional.

  • The govt can't mandate that a baker bakes gay cakes.
  • The govt shouldn't be allowed to mandate business force the vaxx on their employees.
  • The government shouldn't be allowed to preemptively disallow businesses from having a vaccination mandate...their house, their rules.

Each private corporation should make their own business w/o govt interference...and if we don't like it we can either:

  • have the employees walk out in protest to grind the place to a halt.
  • and/or boycott them and hurt them in their wallet.

That is capitalism. If Noem had banned private businesses from enforcing vaxx mandates, that would be dictatorial and communistic. Just like Joe forcing businesses TO mandate the vaxx is also tyrannical.

ThomasJ 16 points ago +18 / -2

Ok giantrabbit1, mikepence123, anaconda, paulryan123

rob0Pede 8 points ago +9 / -1

They really all the same dude?