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And on a related note:

DEMS DEFINITELY IN A PANIC=> Kamala AND Biden will be going to CA to campaign for Newsom. One fact that gives me hope is that there's Larry Elder AND 44 OTHER candidates, EACH of whom has their own personal & professional circle (on social media) whom they are reminding to vote against Newsom


Vote Larry Elder!

In case you missed it:

Larry Elder's INCREDIBLE interview with CA journalists (from the Sacramento & Fresno Bee) now has over 2.3 MILLION views; he just annihilates them at EVERY frickin' turn. He's been a political radio host for so many years, he runs rings around these feeble Fake News propagandists EVERY minute on EVERY issue. (Switch speed to 1.5)



The Left's WORST Nightmare=> Larry Elder causes L.A. Times propaganda-nerds to FREAK OUT right from the start when he says why racism is no longer a major problem. He also addresses crime, education, & Covid MANDATES (a main reason the recall petition got the 1.5M needed signatures)! (Starts @0:06)



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We need a real man like Larry Elder as Governor of California. I just pray he never sells his soul to evil men like George Soros.

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Look, everyone in Cali, go fucking vote. Make it so they have to cheat with everything they got so more people wake up. But the will cheat. They will win.

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Too bad wikipedia is marxist propaganda run by pedophiles.

That is not an exaggeration, I am literally telling the truth about it.

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Love to see this! I have a glimmer of hope that in spite of the huge pool of evil, decadence, and indifference that is CA, enough fair, common sense-thinking people will help vote him in.

Larry absolutely mopped the floor with those biased reporters asking him questions in the Sac Bee interview. He knew exactly what to say to every question. So nice to hear him speak.

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Everyone trying to find out more about him needs to watch his videos on youtube.