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Our church is really small and doesn't have its own building. We were meeting in a public elementary school until COVID, and then we moved to a Christian high school.

We're back in the elementary school. They say we have to wear masks. I'm not wearing a fucking mask anymore. And I was the only one.

After we got home, the pastor called my husband and said the school janitor saw me and told him that the school could revoke our permission to meet there if we don't all mask up.

This is the buried lede--my husband can't fucking understand why I won't wear a mask. "It's just a mask." Yep, he said that. Sure, it's just a mask until it isn't. I'm not playing "pandemic" anymore. Then he said some more ridiculous Covidian shit, like that my refusing to wear a mask won't change anything. Well, yeah, not with THAT attitude.

The best part was when he said that if we don't all wear masks, the government will make a LAW forcing it. I said, "So we have to do it so they don't force us to do it?"

And the asshole expects me to have sex with him. 😡

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No it wasnt... lol, you just hadnt noticed it yet.

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That fool still hasn't.

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It really was. A spouse wouldn’t be getting on a public forum and bashing their other half over bs like this for points, especially if they truly meant it.

Husbands and wives have many differences, much like any family members do.

What woman would go online and bash her husband, or vice-versa. I can honestly say this must be a generational thing. Bc my generation would never, ever, EVER bash a spouse online or even to friend groups. A best friend maybe- one of those you have a blood pact with (figuratively), but talking about your spouse or family member otherwise was and should be taboo.

The snitching has gone way too far. This is communist level groupthink, leaving no room for the other person to have a say. Once you call in the troops- that person has to submit or leave.

As far as the world, the rest of my family, and our kids are concerned, my spouse is right under God. They are not to be defiled by my words, especially bc I’m the person closest to them that knows everything.

I’ve noticed our kids don’t have quite this same loyalty in a way, but most in things they do.

It’s all akin to group think, and getting everyone to gang up on someone to get them to bend to your rules.

Sorry, but this is not appropriate, and honestly, not something any Christian that I know would do.

Humbleness is a virtue.

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  1. its an anonymous public forum. No sheep were harmed in the making of this thread.
  2. the fact that you think it was different in 2019 is why this is happening
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Only for those not paying attention.