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Our church is really small and doesn't have its own building. We were meeting in a public elementary school until COVID, and then we moved to a Christian high school.

We're back in the elementary school. They say we have to wear masks. I'm not wearing a fucking mask anymore. And I was the only one.

After we got home, the pastor called my husband and said the school janitor saw me and told him that the school could revoke our permission to meet there if we don't all mask up.

This is the buried lede--my husband can't fucking understand why I won't wear a mask. "It's just a mask." Yep, he said that. Sure, it's just a mask until it isn't. I'm not playing "pandemic" anymore. Then he said some more ridiculous Covidian shit, like that my refusing to wear a mask won't change anything. Well, yeah, not with THAT attitude.

The best part was when he said that if we don't all wear masks, the government will make a LAW forcing it. I said, "So we have to do it so they don't force us to do it?"

And the asshole expects me to have sex with him. 😡

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What about that was self-righteous? It’s the ultimate humbleness and submission to your other half and God, and I’m not even a practicing Christian- not even close.

My kids friends have no loyalty whatsoever. They’re all in groups and will gang up on one another. We grew up with one best friend who would never say or do anything but praise you and defend you, even though they knew where the bodies were buried.

Kids treated theirs parents with same protection, as did husbands and wives.

I’ve always told my kids that they have enough to worry about in the outside world, so it’s better to never bring the outside world into the home. What happens at home stays at home. That we love and support each other no matter the faults, and we only talk about the good points with outside people.

How is that self righteous? That’s absolute loyalty. Each of my family members have enough to deal with when they walk out our doors. When they’re inside our doors- they’re in a true sanctuary, and that is protected by only speaking well of one another.

Is that not common sense? Is that not what other people do?

Is it totally cool to bash a friggin family online or to other people, and without even giving that person a chance to tell their side?

That’s not self righteousness. That’s love and respect of family

Maskurbator 1 point ago +1 / -0

The absolute loyalty part is creepy. Like the Irish Mob movies where the angry Irish grandma tells the cops to fuck off even thought she knows her 28 year old son Jimmy just robbed a liquor store at gunpoint.

Only God gets your absolute loyalty because only God is infallible. Everyone else is on a case by case basis. Spouses get much, much, much more loyalty and latitude but even they can fuck up the point of being criticized. And in my opinion, the vax/mask/passport/shutdown thing is a red line type issue because it directly corresponds to my freedoms.