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When Democrats can't win an elected office at the ballot box, they seek other means. And they're at it again. It's been decades since Johnson County voters elected a Democrat to the role of sheriff. So now, the Democrats are attempting to go around voters by making the Johnson County Sheriff an appointed position rather than an elected one.

We know how these things typically end up. We get an appointed board or position drifting further and further from the will of the people. And the people have no simple way to take back their authority. We can't allow that to happen in Johnson County. COVID mitigation provided the perfect example.

The Johnson County Government set up a tattle line for people to call about businesses not adequately enforcing masking, occupational, and distancing mandates. Bureaucrats (and a majority of the county commission) wanted the sheriff's department to enforce their mandates. Quietly, the elected sheriff said no. Instead, the county opted to use code enforcement guidelines instead of the threat of violence. Appropriately, this meant the potential for fines instead of jail time.

Sheriff's deputies are responsible for protecting liberty and property and keeping the peace. And the sheriff's obligation is to the people. The county sheriff is the absolute LAST LINE OF DEFENSE when the Constitution is under attack. And we need to hold the line. Can you help?

The Johnson County Charter Commission is holding a public hearing tonight to seek input. The 25 appointed individuals who serve on that commission are tasked with considering changes to the county charter every 10 years. They need to hear from us TONIGHT!

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. WHERE: KU Edwards Conference Center 12600 Quivira Overland Park, KS 66213

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Praying you can stop it with a great turnout.