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Contact Project Veritas.

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He exposed the the voter fraud that got that towelhead brotherfucker elected but she just laughed at him and nothing happened. As usual. No one will investigate or care as long as the Commies are running the show

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Who investigates the DOJ?

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Don't worry. I'm sure the FBI and Minneapolis will release the findings of their investigation into BF's illegal ballot harvesting operation any day now...

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I received 6 mail in ballots in the 2020 election for me and everyone who had lived in my house for the past 30 years. I live in a place that required you to request them. My neighbor received several as well, one was the original owner of the house and he still received several unrequested mail in ballots. I am a registered independent, and he was registered as a democrat despite not voting democrat since Bill Clinton. My other neighbor who was a registered republican received zero unrequested mail in ballots.

Zimbabwe has more secure elections. No one in charge seems to care, which to me means they all use this and none of them are really elected by the people. All of them are just chosen, then the election is just show.

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My gf , who is not a citizen but has a green card , gets ballots every election every year since 2016.

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It's illegal for her to vote. So she obviously does not.

But since she is working towards citizenship now, she is not about to start throwing up red flags that could impede it.

But be aware of corrupt and/or incompetent the voting system is in California.

I will check out the ballot tracking and update here.

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Yes because if you've voted in your new state the feds will prosecute you for voting in Cali...

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That's probably what will happen. Try to sue them. They'll press criminal charges. We can't win in their rigged system.

Edit. I'm not saying it shouldn't be tried. I'm just saying you'll find out soon how much of a standing you have in their kangaroo courts.

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I also have received ballots for years after moving.

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They're sending it out so that when they vote as you there's a record it went out first, otherwise how did "you" obtain the ballot "you" voted with? I hate these crooks.

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Curious who they 'already voted" for...wish it showed that

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you know, the thing.

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The evil ice cream man

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Take a WILD GUESS my guy

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but i mean, thats the thing... the votes arent counted, theyre just place holder so the algorithm can make the proper adjustments at 4am.

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This is why I dont understand the people here that say "Forget 2020, we have to look forward and focus on taking back the house in 2022."

If they got away with it once what makes you think they're going to suddenly stop there? They've found a way to guarantee only the people they want win elections, and from 2020 they know that the politicians on our side are all bark and no bite.

This wont get better as time goes on. We dont fix 2020 we dont have a true election ever again.

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"Forget 2020, we have to look forward and focus on taking back the house in 2022."

People who say this are shills and secretly leftists/feds.

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Or terribly misinformed. My 89 year-old mother is a staunch conservative, but if something isn't reported by Fox News, she discounts it, despite my continuing efforts.

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That is just sad. However if you are told about it and given evidence and you ignore it you aren't just "misinformed" at that point.

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Delete Faux from her channel lineup and replace it with OANN or RSBN.

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There are certainly misinformed conservatives. Seems hard to believe they'd organically find their way here, though.

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Half of oann and Don Jr's tweets are stickes from .win

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Those are Trolls and FBI scumbags

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Sounds like something AG Garland will get right on top of covering up

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WOW, this needs to be investigated??????no wonder we keep losing....Democrats get away with crimes. so who cares about investigations.

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Don’t worry. Boris Epshteyn said on War Room that they will audit the results. Should take only two weeks!

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I'm sure the authorities that did nothing to investigate the irregularities in November will get right on that.

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Simple tips, any patriot who receive multiple ballots and still have accounts in social media, take pictures showing them all and ask openly if you're supposed to vote multiple times, or for an explanation as to why you receive multiple ballots.

They won't be able to deboonk that due to picture proof, we'll get some idea of how organized it is and it'll wake up a bunch of normies who perhaps only got one ballot and think everything is alright.

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They’ll just delete it and suspend your account.

Commies gonna commie.

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Why? So people can sit around and go "derrrr!!!!" and shake their fists at their monitors?

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Ironic that this comment sort of displays the very thing it complains about.

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Investigated by who? The people who committed the crime? 😏

Entire system needs to get burned down

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My thought exactly. Candice should know better than that. What authority in the commie-controlled state of California is going to investigate?

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Investigated? Maybe the people shouldn’t leave their polling place, they should start grabbing anyone who has the same problem and start investigating who to hang right there.

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Seriously. They tell you to get fucked, you already voted for Newsom and you'll like it. Our side goes oh ok! Guess I'll pack it up and go home then, maybe someone will investigate this!

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Newsom promises he will investigate his victory thoroughly!

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And people still think our national voting system will be blown up and reformed allowing for more election integrity in 2022 and 2024. The shtbags in power have the systems deeply embedded, streamlined, and wired tight to not be ever exposed to a point where they are held accountable or it changes their desired outcomes.

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This will keep happening without extremely good anti-fraud organizing. Part of https://patriots.win/p/12kFwdeP0T/civil-resistance-is-something-we/

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OF COURSE! They stole the presidency! Did anyone really think they’d let this slide?

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Get out and protest in the streets. Stolen elections have consequences.

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Lol the dems aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

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Let me guess, like 2020, like the vaccines, the Democrat take is get over it, it doesnt happen in a meaningful way.

Suck the dick bigot.

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Duh, ya think?

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The fix is in? GTFO, no way!

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In other news. Water is wer.

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Have we learned nothing from 2020 yet? If you win the election IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU CHEATED OR NOT! It is only the winning that matters. The work is done, the fix is in. Newsom WILL be re-elected because nothing has been done to stop the steal. Will we learn from this? Will we change things? Or just keep losing and complaining and upvoting outrage porn?

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I still havent even gotten my mail in ballot and the election is tomorrow. This state is one of the most corrupt shitholes youll ever find

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I just going to say, duh.

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The fix is in. They send 50+ mostly unelected reps. Scotus declares the other states have no standing to complain.

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They saw we won't fight for the biggest fraud in history so why think California will fight over this? Wait til Democrats get 110% of the votes in 22 in former red districts.

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What did our side think was going to happen? No one was punished for the 2020 steal, so keep on going and steal whatever you can. We are really the stupid ones in this commie take-over. So sad.

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Is anyone surprised by this? Our votes no longer count. They stole the 2020 election right in front of us, until that is fixed, our votes don't mean shit. Stalin did say "Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything."

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GOP should start printing now

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At some point all of you will realize that the fix is in permanently, everywhere. Even if Larry Elder were to somehow win, by miracle, nothing would get done. Trump won, he was stymied at every turn, his signature bills were delayed and subverted. He was investigated and prosecuted for all four years he was in office. He was impeached twice and finally had the election stolen from him.

The left controls the country, period.

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its a fukn felony...

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Yeah, the fix is already in and the Dems can just point to Arizona's lack of results and then claim that anyone complaining about it is just another Mike Lindell conspiracy nutjob. Then Gavin will claim he's been given approval by the people to have more lockdowns and mandates. They will also rig the system even more to make recalls impossible in the future.

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Where's the DOJ? Filling Drop Boxes?

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We must fix the elections or the USA is over

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I wasn't surprised in the slightest. California is the Democrat's crown jewel - the recall never had the slightest chance of succeeding once it got to a vote.

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Stealing another election? No way. I really thought they'd stop after the 2020 election. Surely they're not gonna continue to do this every time Americans have to vote...

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Is the professional tweeter in a position of power to do anything about it? Why would anyone ask her for help instead of going to the election board?

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They'll start an investigation in...two weeks.

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Seems like the fix is in? You think Candace? I'm almost black pilled to the point of never voting again in these phony fucking elections. What's the point? Oh to make them cheat harder? Ha

OnlyTrump20 2 points ago +2 / -0

Voting only makes you more likely to get called for jury duty.

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That's exactly what they want you to do.

I wish I knew how to fix this mess.

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This election has been fortified.

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You realize china is a day ahead and forgot when they rigged the election....

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So is anything being done about this or what???

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We are so fucked forever. Trump was the last stand. God gave us our chance.

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To late peeps to fucking late

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She needs to ask Ben Shapiro. The one who says no fraud was done.

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Investigate? Who's going to lead that up? They all ran by the crooks in charge.

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Uh.... No shit Candace. Hot AF Candace.