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"Great. So people will video people cheating. Video themselces. Video proof. Complain online. Complain off line. Patriots.win will talk about. Wendy will talk about it. Candice will talk about it. Trump will talk about it. The media will declare Newsom wins and people will hang some signs on roadways saying fraud exists and I'll still get called a cracker bitch at work. Fuck EVERYONE!"

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I live in the south (around black ppl) I’ve never been called a cracker bitch or outside my name by a black person ever!

unicornpoop 3 points ago +3 / -0

lol! I live in Memphis. That you gingerly call them "black ppl" means that you've grown up in the white suburbs in private schools in a segregated safe white atmosphere your whole life. No hate - my kids are in a white private school this year to escape the racism. Fuck "black ppl."