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So I have to be vauge, since I still follow HIPAA, even if the feds don't.

In my job, I regularly review doctors medical reports. Saw my first one from a person hospitalized for COVID today. I thought I'd share the official diagnosis. A very big difference from what the news tells us.

Person over 70 years old, admitted for respiratory issues, placed in the ICU and on a ventilator. The person was just taken off the ventilator after about 2 weeks and is recovering. Good news.

Med. Report indicates the active COVID-19 infection and positive test. Spells out the official diagnosis and reasoning why they were placed on a ventilator. That diagnosis is....

"COVID 19 induced pneumonia"

So that's it. It's not COVID itself, that put him on a ventilator, but pneumonia. The same thing that puts people with the flu in the hospital....


I will note the report did NOT state whether or not they got the jab.

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It’s probably best to do niether