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How far will we as Patriots let this go? Will it take burning books? Concentration camps? hiding in attics and basements? It can and most likely will get to that point. I have a family, a job, and a gf, but I am willing to let all that go to fight for the greater good of America and the world. Also, before you call me a glowie (like a lot of people on here do), I'm just a 23yo that works at Kroger in southern Louisiana. I can't do anything alone, no one can, and I don't expect anyone to go it alone. Start the fight and I'll join in. Idc if I'm called a Terrorist or anything like that. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, and that should be everyone's mentality, regardless of situation. Sorry for the wall of text, just had to get this off my mind.

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You let Obama insult you and give nukes to Iran- you did nothing. You let Hillary insult you, take millions in bribes, slander candidates- you did nothing. You let the media insult you, mock you, call you stupid- you did nothing. You let hollywood insult you, call you flyover states- you did nothing. You let the swamp frame innocent people-you did nothing. You let the swamp wiretap your President- you did nothing. You let the swamp invent impeachment charges- you did nothing. You let schiff read fiction as fact in front of congress- you did nothing. You let people call you racist- you did nothing. You let people call you bigot- you did nothing. You let innocent patriots be beaten and murdered- you did nothing. You let cities burn to the ground- you did nothing. You let police departments turn a blind eye to crime- you did nothing. You let mayors and governors shut down cities- you did nothing. You let China infect the world- you did nothing. You let the WHO lie about covid- you did nothing. You let businesses be destroyed- you did nothing. You let the media blame your President for a quarter million deaths- you did nothing. You let Fauci con you into putting a diaper on your face- you did nothing. You let reddit run you off- you did nothing. You let twitter censor you- you did nothing. You let facebook silence you- you did nothing. You let Parler be shutdown- you did nothing. You let CNN, MSNBC, the Atlantic, Huffpo, Wapo, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS report blatant lies- you did nothing. You let communists tear your history apart- you did nothing. You let bLM force people to pledge to them by threat of violence- you did nothing. You let soros' thugs burn your flag and call for your mass death- you did nothing. You let elected officials repeatedly call for violence against you- you did nothing. You let hoax after hoax dominate the headlines when real crime in DC went unpunished- you did nothing. You let radical leftists put you on a "list" and threaten to make you pay- you did nothing. You let congress toy with covid relief for political theatre- you did nothing. You let educators teach your children their morality, blame your children for the world's problems- you did nothing. You let a halfwit ex-bartender label you a Nazi- you did nothing. You let somali immigrants take down the American flag and raise their own- you did nothing. You let congress write themselves a raise while millions lost their job- you did nothing. You let congress send billions to foreign governments instead of helping Americans- you did nothing. You let liberals force you away from your family and your faith, separate you from dying loved ones- you did nothing. You let Democrats steal a Presidential election with overwhelming proof of fraud- you did nothing. You let the Republicans stab the President in the back- you did nothing. You let the courts refuse to admit evidence of fraud- you did nothing. You let biden abandon Americans and arm the most dangerous anti_American murdering beasts on the planet- you did nothing. This list goes on and on...And now you're going to let a proven corrupt piece of shit child molestor lying creep be sworn in as your supreme leader, hand the keys to the country to the Chinese, bend over for Iran, sellout our energy industry, throw the borders open, and force you to take a vaccine you have no clue what it will do to you, while the media paints you as domestic terrorists and blame you for the crimes of their thug brownshirts- and you won't do a damn thing about it except pay for it.

pffft---trust the plan, 4D chess, call your congressman, hold the line, pictures of frogs, MUH REVOLT!!...Give me a break.

TheGuyX [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

I agree with you in whole, and I understand your anger, I feel it too. Again, can't do anything alone, just like you. I'm not calling for revolt, I'm just posing a question and looking for honest answers, and I appreciate your answer. Unlike many others, I value your opinion and what you say. Your a fellow patriot and American. But I do have a question, what do you plan to do about all these injustices and the ones to come? I plan on doing all I can, voting, going to any rallies that may come, and openly supporting Trump. I unfortunately don't have an unlimited supply of cash flow, otherwise I'd be doing much more than talking on a message board.

yellowandrose 3 points ago +3 / -0

each one, reach one-10 million Americans, simultaneously moving in their own locale.

we have the shared belief that America has been taken over by politicians and government agencies that have cheated, lied, and colluded to gain power, and likely have received help from foreign influences for their own purposes and not in America's best interests, therefore, have committed high treason. It is the belief that liberals/democrats/progressives/rinos have the intention of destroying constitutional guarantees and create policies to destabilize, disarm, and infringe on American freedoms. Further, it is the belief law enforcement and the justice system are compromised at the highest administrative levels and have become untrustworthy, and can no longer be considered as a reliable entity to enforce laws fairly or protect the public. It is the belief that the common patriot/citizen is the only chance to regain control of the country on behalf of themselves and the millions of remaining constitution supporting, law abiding, American citizenry, and that action is now justified and called for. In short, we recognize America is at war, and has been for several years, and recent events have driven that point home to the average American, and that American citizen is now a soldier in a fight for their way of life.

The simple concept is each person acts alone and every freedom loving patriot is their own army. Everyone decides what they can do, and will do, by themselves, while the collective and ultimate goal is to the fight the treasonous enemy and restore transparency and honor in government and equal justice as prescribed by the constitution..

There is no rank, no boss, no organization, no manifesto, no playbook, no funding, no training, no parades, no uniforms or medals. There are no rules or restrictions or prescribed methods. Everyone is their own strategist, their own general, their own scout, their own outfitter, and their own foot soldier. Each patriot is motivated to act as best they see fit.

We are one apart, but millions together.

Wingus 3 points ago +3 / -0

That was beautifully written. I say this with FULL sincerity, I feel like this will be one of the quotes that historians will admire in the future and I feel damn lucky to have read it in it's infancy. Now excuse me while I go share this far and wide.

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thank you that's the idea. they can't trace all of us, especially if we stay small and don't use cells/email/phones. Talk to people you trust. AND ONLY THEM.

TheGuyX [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

I don't have anything to add, but I have to say that is one of the most inspirational messages I've ever read anywhere. Thank you for sharing your insight. Fight on my fellow patriot. My brother.

yellowandrose 1 point ago +1 / -0

pass it along to like minded individuals. we plan. prepare. focus. the day will come.