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A lefty white neighbor was walking his dog. A car began honking rudely at another car that paused to get around a parked car. Lefty yelled at honker.

Black guy gets out of the car and starts yelling racial statements and threats against him. The white lefty was very shaken; I had walked over to help defuse things, car then stopped away. "That man was racist!" He stated, with a surprised look.

I can imagine his BLM and "love is love, I believe in science,..." Signs disappearing right now...

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Also a white guy from the hood, specifically the old perry homes / bankhead projects down in Atlanta prior to them being torn down. Can confirm, ghetto culture encourages black people that buy into it to blame white people for all their problems and see them as acceptable targets. It's a cultural of "aggressive victimhood" where everyone else is to blame for their problems and where introspection is discouraged and crab bucket mentality is amplified 1000%

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White latina girl that lived in Harlem for 4 years confirms comments above.

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Not to mention if you are not white and doing good in school you are made fun of and heckled called "white washed" etc.

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The feeling is mutual

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Been there. Done that. Can absolutely verify.

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Yep. Even the nice ones who are friends with you. Pretty much hate you, and would do evil to you, given the chance to do so Scott free.

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You should've said "blacks can't be racist I thought" and walked away

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the irony of course is that that statement is itself inherently racist because it's making broad generalizations about a race based entirely on supposition, but you'll never get a lefty to admit it.

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Unfortunately, you've missed the mark. Although a black person can make exactly the same reciprocal statements as a "white racist", they are not racist because racism requires power for $REASONS.

This apparently applies even when the black person has more power than the white person because... liberal logic.

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that's wrong tho

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Yes it is. The left is about constructing logic based on their worldview. They are unsane as AE van Vogt would put it.

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Came there to say this. I would love to see an NPC BSOD on video

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Nice. That would have truly gotten his gears grinding even moreso

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Reminds me of the old saying, "a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged".

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And a leftist is a liberal who was mugged, then blamed the occurrence on systemic racism.

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I can imagine his BLM and "love is love, I believe in science,..." Signs disappearing right now...

But did they, in reality I mean?

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Yes, if I have the correct house

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They're there for the signalling, not deeply held beliefs.

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Typical Lefty always sticking their nose where it don't belong.

Even I learned the hard way when I tried to break up a fight between two idiots, next thing ya know I was involved in the fight too... I learned a very important lesson at that young age to mind my own business, don't make other peoples problems your own if you can help it.

We were all dumb once, but we live and learn.

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Liberal was probably 65, young angry black guy with the threats to "kick his ass" was 25-30. Not a fair match at all.

The car had tinted windows. If the lefty had been able to see the driver I bet he would have cheered him on.

In the end, the lefty's world view is shook. Good

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65 and still a leftie. This guy is hopeless.

Brellin 4 points ago +4 / -0

Not enough bullying in schools anymore, young boys are discouraged from working out their issues and are coddled so hard they have next to no capacity to actually engage with or deal with confrontation as an adult. Schools and universities these days just churn out entire classes of adult-bodied children.

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Watching CNN and TV didn't prepare him lol

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I wish my white lefty neighbor would take down his BLM and “In this house we believe…” fucking virtue signaling signs. I live in a predominantly black area. It’s embarrassing, and they are clueless.

At least when the shit hits the fan, they’ll get robbed first…those signs scream, “We don’t have guns!”

Funny, just heard gunshots a block over and said lefty white neighbor is texting me.

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He's prbly still gonna suck black dick tho...