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Wife’s company is sending out the mandate tomorrow. They do allow exemptions. Boss already talked to her and begged her not to quit. She told them it’s in your hands.

Whatever happens it’s up to God. Big believer in the power of Prayer so I would like ask the fellow Prayer Warriors to help.

Thank you and God Bless.

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Yes, lawsuit. This is the only thing companies understand. And what a shill you are.... No one is talking about the election here, are they? And your contention that democrats own the courts is pathetically stupid.

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Don't get all emotional and upset.

Yes, demoKKKrats own the courts. They own the DOJ. They own the FBI. Most lawyers are in fact demoKKKrats. Most judges are. Most BLM and Antifa members got all their charges dropped during thousands of crimes committed during illegal riots.

Criminals in demoKKKrat cities routinely get their charges dropped. DemoKKKrat governments even hire ex-cons and felons.

No judge is going to take your side because you don't want the jab. They don't care about your rights or your clinging to the Constitution.

Don't you get it? How much evidence do you need? I can give you far more examples than just the 2020 election.

Nothing I said is pathetically stupid. I can show you empirical evidence.

I suggest you listen to a podcast called The Quash. He's been an attorney for over 30 years. Listen to an experienced attorney explain to you with specific examples why the court system is cucked.

You called me a shill. Do you even know what a shill is? Who do you think I am shilling for?

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Don't get all emotional and upset.

Right back at ya.