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Rockswanninoff 3 points ago +3 / -0

Didn't it turn into a phone call? Problem is Miss Minaj is way more popular than anyone in government. If they thought a phone call and a few jolts on the electric collar would sort this out, they were wrong. I like the runaway train aspect of all this, but I don't think Miss Minaj is nearly red-pilled or clever enough to win this game against these snakes. At least not alone. So I hope she gets up to speed quick, because they are not going to let her dangle here in limbo for much longer. Deep state will swat her like a mosquito. Better not get into any self-driving cars, and she should clarify for us now if she is or isn't

  1. Suicidal
  2. A habitual user of opiates or benzos.

Best case scenario, she gets treated so unfairly that other fence-sitting celebs speak up, and they get censored, until a critical mass breaks free of the COVID mindset, but even then, without education about the censored aspects of this issue, the arguments themselves will continue to be disappointing.