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Honestly, other than Trump and Desantis who always poll 1 and 2 whenever there is a poll, who else is there that can carry the mantle of the America First movement and run for President in the future?

There are some other very good people such as MGT and Rand Paul but neither have the charisma or star power to draw in millions of votes. Do most people even know who MTG is in terms of name recognition? As for Rand Paul, i highly respect him, but i just dont think he could pull in the crowds that DJT does.

I have heard Noem's name thrown around but i think she is run of those people when she gets accused of being a any phobe by the left will turn to powder. As Governor didnt she avoid passing laws protecting womens sports from transgender athletes.

I really am hoping in 2024 Trump runs again with Desantis, how awesome a ticket would that be.

So going back to the the title question, apart from Trump and Desantis, is there really anyone else?

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When we are done politics will be a crime.