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While working on contract in California (I'm Canadian), I met someone who was as brainwashed as liberals come. To him, Barack Obama has led the only scandal-free presidency; Trump won 2016 via Russian meddling; Trump and not Clinton was the Epstein associate; illegal migrants are by rights Americans too... you name it! I'll bet he even believes it's possible to commit suicide via two bullets to the back of the head. I suspect him of being in AntiFA or BLM because his phone wallpaper is of himself wearing a balaclava pulled down, as well as dark pseudo-military garb, and wielding a truncheon.

Anyways, last week he randomly texted me to admit that I was right and Biden's presidency so far has been the biggest flustercuck in his lifetime... but then he went on to accuse it being conservatives/libertarians/Republicans' fault for giving them Trump in 2016 so America had to turn to an evil and incompetence they didn't know because of the oppression they did know. When I pressed him to unpack where this was coming from, he cited Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and his audacity to blame Trump, as well as the quid pro quo call to the cowardly Ghani made him unsure what to believe. The final straw was the vaccine mandates. He got the vaccine already and initially believed anyone who didn't was a selfish, fascist murderer... but when his step-father who has a history of thrombosis was given the ultimatum to get the jab or lose his job, that sobered him up ever so slightly.

I gave him the "I told you so" about Democrats being authoritarian and the true fascists, Biden's long history of racism and recent history of mental decline, etc. but he again tried to pin the responsibility on conservatives/libertarians/Republicans for keeping this largely amidst themselves and not warning the rest of America properly about it.

He's by no means MAGA yet if ever... and even in the midst of realizing how abhorrent the Democrats and the Biden presidency are... it's still our fault... somehow.

Is there any hope for these people? Ugh...

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Maybe pretending to be asleep, now it’s hard to wake him up.

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For this kind of person, the red pill is the size and shape of a SCUBA tank and administered as a suppository.

He's realizing it's fucked, but doing gymnastics to deflect guilt. Fuck these people.

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Please read the "Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin." There is a section in it about persuasion.

The original is better, but is not online as a separate piece, that I could easily find.

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I know a lady, well-educated and a person of good intention, who was fully vaxxed, and who months later caught something she is convinced is COVID (she did not detail the symptoms). She says the "doctors" said it wasn't COVID. It took two weeks for her to even get in to see a Dr. and then it took even longer to get the test results back.

If she'd had a bad case of COVID, she'd have been hospitalized, by now. Fortunately, she got over it. Vitamin D and zinc may have had something to do with it, although I doubt that she took any more of an ionophore than can be found in zinc lozenges with elderberry.

She still likes her mask, it makes her feel safer.

Red pills are slow.