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John Smith
September 15, 2021 4:26 pm

This sounds crazy but please read this. I am certain this is what is going on.

Everything happening now with vaccine mandates is to accomplish a specific goal. Central banks and governments are trying to make Big Pharma into the next OPEC. This is why and how…

Multinational corporations, central banks and captured governments are trying to create a new monetary regime using demand for never ending boosters and ‘vaxpasses’. This is why they are hellbent on every single person getting the injections without exception. They want to turn Big Pharma into the next OPEC to create demand for the next regime of the US Dollar and global monetary system.

In 1971 the US Dollar went off the gold standard and has been the ‘petro-dollar’ since then. An agreement was set up between the american govt and Saudi Arabia OPEC where all oil would be traded only in dollars and the US would offer protection and make the desert rulers rich beyond imagination. This is what creates demand for the US dollar; it must be used to buy oil.

This agreement has been in place for 50 years. Monetary regimes only last 30 to 50 years on average before a “reset” is needed. This generally involves deflating the currency and unwinding the debt etc. We are at the end of the current regime and are at this point now. The petro-dollar is dying and when it goes, it will have serious negative consequences for the US Dollar and power of the central banks. This is a mortal threat to the current global power structure. So a new monetary regime must be introduced. Just like Henry Kissinger did in the 70s, a new agreement and plan was hatched. The pharma dollar will replace the petro-dollar.

How this will work: Just like the petro-dollar, the pharma dollar will require that central banks are in control with their new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which China has already released (see links below). Pharma will be the new OPEC. To introduce this everyone needs a real identity QR code and this is why the vaxpass is absolutely necessary for each person. Furthermore, the pharma industry will only accept payment in CBDC, thus creating demand for the currency just like the USD petro dollar. Boosters and tests that are required to unlock expiring passes will function just like oil that is bought in USD and then used (burned) in industry. This will be an ongoing process of world govts and people buying boosters and forced exchange into the new CBDC.

All of this will be run out of NYC which will be the new world capitol. The UN is there which will function as the governing body, Pfizer and pharma is there which will make and control the injections, Google and tech are building huge new campuses there and will merge with the banks to roll out the CBDC globally. Social credit, surveillance state, carbon score etc can all be attached to this. This is their plan.


links with supporting evidence:

Europe/Ireland vaxpass commercial shows expiring pass when tests and boosters are needed.

Bloomberg: Digital currencies are almost here

Trojan horse to cashless society:

And here:

Communist China’s New Plan: Digital Currency

China Release White Paper on CBDC: $5.4B Settled, Smart Contracts Enabled


WHO document with specification for global QR code system. Funding provided by Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation

Illinois Launches Online ‘Vax Verify’ System

Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated

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I predict all of our clean unvax blood will be the new gold.