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I've seen so many on here complaining and saying they don't care what she's doing, they still hate her. (okay.. sounds like the lefties and how they are about Trump.. but I digress).

THIS WOMAN HAS 157 MILLION ON HER INSTAGRAM. 20 millon on Twitter. Her posts about what is going on is reaching literal MILLIONS. WE NEED THIS. I could care less what her past is, she's speaking truth! if she's woken up then God-speed and let her bring MILLIONS WITH HER.

That is all.

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WenOli311 23 points ago +23 / -0

Tucker Carlson has covered this over the last few nights she should go on his show. Then you have some big numbers. 1st I wouldn’t expect a lot of ppl to like her music on “our side” I’ve listened to her music since she started. I also named my dog after her (RIP) who she is on stage and when she’s rapping is not the person she is in real life I promise you. 2nd this whole covid/vax thing we all know isn’t about the government caring for our health and safety. It’s about an agenda they have thats been in play for years and all the pieces are falling together. The mandatory vax is causing the unvax to quit their jobs which will make some companies close. The economy will eventually crash. Their killing ppl in hospitals that are sick with covid with their BS protocols. (STOP GOING TO THE HOSPITAL THEY WILL KILL U) soon the vax passport will be here and the unvax will be shut out of everything. So stop making this a black/white thing, dem/rep thing, left/right thing. It’s a elite,gov,deep state,1% VS us the ppl thing we need to fight back together. I know the brainwashed mask wearing vax loving idiots on the other side will fight to their death for their Government Lords, the cord just needs to be cut from them. But ppl like Nicki and there are many others that are waking up finally we need them to fight back if we’re gonna survive this.

Toobin247 9 points ago +9 / -0

I actually like a couple of her songs. People forget that many if not most of these music artists are putting on an image because they are selling a brand. I remember ICP (I think it was Shags2Dope) doing an interview where they mentioned having to hide how much money they made because it would ruin their image for their fans. They didn’t get detailed other than making comments that they are definitely worth more than people think and they can’t be seen driving around in nice expensive cars or it could kill their schtick.

WenOli311 7 points ago +7 / -0

I know I remember that meme with James from Metallica him standing there with the shopping bags from Armani and the dude next to him with the Metallica shirt on which is what Metallica should look like. Ppl forget that they are ppl too or at least some of them are, some of them are evil assholes. I remember going to Vegas we were big into Supercross and our friends boyfriend was a mechanic for our favorite rider so we got to hang out with him in the casino and in his off time. I was in awww off him for years and then I saw who he was and he was the biggest douchbag. I’m like I will never lust over another celebrity again!

skuls308 3 points ago +3 / -0

Good life lesson right there, Pede.

Aka: Never put a Human on a pedestal.

Biteyourowntongue 7 points ago +7 / -0

People are also mistaking her for Cardi B.

A lot of Minaj's songs are borderline pop music. Like yeah she's a rapper too but a lot of her songs appeal to young audiences and they're targeted to that. Super Bass, Starships, The Night Is Still Young are all bangers.