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I've seen so many on here complaining and saying they don't care what she's doing, they still hate her. (okay.. sounds like the lefties and how they are about Trump.. but I digress).

THIS WOMAN HAS 157 MILLION ON HER INSTAGRAM. 20 millon on Twitter. Her posts about what is going on is reaching literal MILLIONS. WE NEED THIS. I could care less what her past is, she's speaking truth! if she's woken up then God-speed and let her bring MILLIONS WITH HER.

That is all.

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I know I remember that meme with James from Metallica him standing there with the shopping bags from Armani and the dude next to him with the Metallica shirt on which is what Metallica should look like. Ppl forget that they are ppl too or at least some of them are, some of them are evil assholes. I remember going to Vegas we were big into Supercross and our friends boyfriend was a mechanic for our favorite rider so we got to hang out with him in the casino and in his off time. I was in awww off him for years and then I saw who he was and he was the biggest douchbag. I’m like I will never lust over another celebrity again!

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Good life lesson right there, Pede.

Aka: Never put a Human on a pedestal.